Letter to Michigan Swimming regarding Administrative Officials


Letter to Michigan Swimming Regarding Administrative Officials


Now that the Long Course season has begun, I wanted to send out some clarifications on the role of the Administrative Official (AO).  With the number of AO’s already certified in Michigan Swimming there is no longer a dire need for adding Administrative Officials. We will no longer be evaluating AO’s while they train at swim meets.  AO’s will now be required to apprentice at a minimum of 4 sessions.  When a recommendation for evaluation is given, an evaluator will be sent to a meet for the AO to be evaluated.  Apprentice AO’s may not work alone and the Meet Referee may not serve as the AO at any meet.

AO’s are a part of the officiating team.  While some teams do have certified AO’s within their clubs, it is not a requirement.  An AO can be hired for the meet just like any other official.  If the AO is attached to the team, they are still first and foremost a certified Administrative Official of the meet.  Meet Referees will hire the AO just like they would any other official for the meet.  The host team is not responsible for finding an AO.  The AO, like the Meet Referee, should be the same person for all sessions of the meet.  The AO should also be the entry chair for the meet.  All payments can still be mailed to the host club.

Meet packets and Meet Manager files should be written by the AO’s.  A new meet packet must be written from the template provided on the Michigan Swimming website for every meet.  The Meet Manager file should than be built using the information in the meet packet. These files should be passed on to the Meet Referee for review before they are sent in for sanctioning.  The AO is the person who should be sending the information to the Michigan Swimming Office for sanctioning.  Prior to the meet, the AO is the person who sends the backup file to Michigan Swimming.  Once the meet is given a sanction number, any changes to the meet packet must be approved by the sanctioning chair.  All requests for changes must come from the AO.  Any correspondence with Michigan Swimming regarding the meet should come from the AO.  At the end of the meet, the AO is the person who sends the files to Michigan Swimming.

If meet packets and meet files are not sent through the proper channels, they will be returned and will not be processed until they are sent from the AO.


Dawn Gurley

Officials Chair, Michigan Swimming, Inc.