Becca to Coach at Colman
Becca to Coach at Colman 6:30-8:00am for Greenlake Aqua Ducks on the dates listed below:
Must be a member of USMS to attend.  Drop in fee is $10 paid to Greenlake Aquaducks
Colman Dates                        JAC Changes
6/14                                      - workout and video session JAC at 9am/10am
6/21                                     - no workout at JAC 
7/26                                     - workout and video sessions at JAC at 9am/10am
8/30                                     - no workout at JAC
9/6                                       - no workout at JAC
*** Members of LWM who are active and paying on a monthly basis, if you attend a Colman workout, on 6/21, 8/30 and/or 9/6 you will receive a $5 credit on your LWM account.  This applies only to these 3 dates.  You must be a member of USMS to attend and you are responsible for paying the $10 drop in to GLAD on each visit