Time Trials Saturday

 On Saturday, June 7th, we will be holding time trials so I can get times on our swimmers before our first meet the following Saturday.  Time trials is very informative for me, especially as a new coach, to enable me to put our best lineup in for our first meet. 

It is imperative that every parent goes onto the website, click on the Time Trial event, and accept or decline that your swimmer is competing at time trials.  Accepting means your swimmer is swimming, and I need you to check what events they are able to swim.  Declining means they cannot make the meet and I would like an explanation as to why.

This is the procedure for every meet this season.  It is a simple process to go to the website and enter your swimmer for B Meets and let me know their availability for A Meets.  The lineup for the meets will be posted on the website once it is complete and programs can be printed from the website as well.  This whole process will alleviate parents and swimmers from having to drive to pool to check if their child is swimming on Saturday or having a sign up for B Meets on the wall.  IF YOU DO NOT SIGN UP BY THE DEADLINE FOR B MEETS YOUR CHILD WILL NOT SWIM, and if you are "undeclared" for your commitment for A Meets, you will force us to contact you which is a pain for our A Rep. 

Please, please, please, take the time, commit your swimmers to the meets, and help us all out.  I need all commitments for the Time Trial meet in by Wednesday, June 4th, so we can do lane assignments and programs.  Thank You.  Buzz