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Walnut Creek vs New Mark- Ronald McDonald House Meet



ATTENTION STINGRAY FAMILIES: Lets Help out the Creekers this week.


“The Walnut Creek Creekers will be collecting donation items for the Ronald McDonald House during the swim meet this Thursday, June 12th.  Because Ronald McDonald House guests are always welcome to take and enjoy food from the kitchen, there is always a need  to restock their pantry.  Other needs include toiletries, cleaning supplies, and paper supplies.  Attached is a wish list of their most needed items. 


If you would like to participate, please look for the specially-marked blue bins right inside the pool gate.  We are excited to give back to this great cause.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!!”


Ronald McDonald House Wish List 
Food Pantry: 
♥ Breakfast Cereal 
♥ Coffee Creamer 
♥ Baking Powder 
♥ Cake and Brownie Mixes 
♥ Frosting 
♥ Healthy Snack Items (individually packaged) 
♥ Kids Boxed Juice Drinks 
♥ Mayonnaise 
♥ Salt & Pepper 
♥ Pop Tarts 
♥ Boxed Potatoes 
♥ Saltine Crackers / Graham Crackers 
♥ Jelly 
♥ Non-Stick Cooking Spray 
♥ Boxed Disposable Latex or non-Latex Gloves 
♥ High-Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent 
♥ Swiffer Wet-Jets, Liquid Refills and Pads, Swiffer Dry Pads 
♥ Air Freshener (Febreeze) 
♥ Disinfectant Wipes 
♥ Sponges 
♥ Rubber Gloves 
♥ Saran Wrap or Glad Press n’ Seal 
♥ Coloring Books 
♥ Toilet Bowl Brushes & Cleaner 
♥ Dishwashing Soap 
♥ Plastic Forks 
♥ 8 1/2 X 11 White Copy Paper 
Personal Care: 
♥ Travel Sized Shampoo & Conditioner 
♥ Toilet Paper 
♥ Travel Sized Toothpaste 
♥ Deodorant 
♥ Disposable Razors 
♥ Toothbrushes (individually packaged) 
♥ Feminine Hygiene Products 
♥ Facial Tissue/Kleenex 
*All items must be new and not expired. 
 Items will be collected at the 
Walnut Creek Pool from

June 9th thru June 13th.

Look for the blue 
collection bins. 
 Contact Gretchen Forrester at with 
 Thanks in advance for supporting 
the Ronald McDonald House