Anthem 200

It is that time of summer again…

Our annual team fundraiser, the Anthem 200, is next week.

The Anthem 200 is where the swimmers have 2 hours to swim 200 lengths of the pool (for big kids this can be in one day for younger swimmers this can be over 2 practices).

The older swimmers have gotten so fast that they can do this in about an hour now, so for them it is about beating last year’s time. For the younger swimmers it is about doing more than last year or trying to get to 200 for the first time.

This year we will be having some cool prizes for most money raised and special prizes for the most laps completed for younger swimmers or the fast times for older swimmers.

Please check out the attachment and look for the handout over the next couple days.

While the 200 will be completed this week, money can be collected until mid-July. If your swimmer is unable to complete their Anthem 200 next week they can do it at their next attended practice.

The goal is to have EVERY swimmer complete the most lengths possible in the fastest time possible and to raise at least a minimum of $10 -$25. The more money they raise, the better the prizes.

Email Coach Scott if you have any questions.