Athlete Representative


The LSC's Athlete's  will need to elect three new Athlete Representatives  to the Board. We would prefer rising Sophomores and Juniors so we have a natural rotation of representatives. But, if you are a rising Senior please apply anyhow if you are really interested .
Please read the requirements below for this position.
Please send me  a brief paragraph on your swimming/academic background and what you think you can contribute to Southeastern Swimming. --- send to [email protected]
Please send to me by June 29th, 2014. I will post these on the web page under Athletes.
IF we have more than three athletes apply for these positions we will arrange a vote in which athletes will vote for the three athlete they wish to represent them at the LSC meetings and on selected committees.
Athlete representatives are elected to the LSC House of Delegates of Southeastern Swimming, Inc., for a two-year term. They should reside in the LSC throughout their term, be engaged in amateur swimming or have competed in the LSC swimming within three (3) years immediately preceding their selection.
The athlete representative shall:
  1. Attend the USAS annual fall meeting (in September and usually in a major USA City) as a representative of the LSC.
  2. Attend the Southeastern Spring and Fall Meetings.
  3. Take an active part in corresponding with other athletes via web page/electronic systems.
  4. Bring topics to the House of Delegates that they have gathered from other athletes concerning swimming in the Southeastern Association.
  5. Make relevant reports from USA Swimming and the USAS Annual Fall Meeting. 


Applicant for Athlete Representaive Summer 2014


Southeastern Swimming:


My name is James Courtney, and I would like to be one of Southeastern Swimming’s athlete representatives. I swim year-round at the City of Mobile Swim Association (CMSA) in Mobile, Alabama. I am fifteen years old and will be a sophomore at St. Paul’s Episcopal School this year. Academically, I have a 4.0 GPA and am the Vice-President of my class. I have been swimming year round for almost seven years, and have been going to the Southeastern Championships since February of 2009. I have been selected to the Southeastern Zone Team twice, once in 2011 and once in 2013. Both were some of the best experiences I have had in my life, especially when we won the entire meet in 2011. Although I am aiming for my Summer Juniors cut this summer, a part of me still wants to go to Zones to have another amazing time with my Southeastern Swimming teammates. If I were elected to this position, I think I would bring the leadership necessary for this position, the passion for swimming and Southeastern Swimming, and the positive spirit that would get more people involved with the sport and the LSC. I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for this position.


James Courtney


My name is Christian Berry, I am a 15 year-old rising Sophomore, and I am applying to become an athlete representative for the Southeastern LSC. I have been a competitive swimmer since the age of 7, and I have been active in the sport ever since I began, of which I have grown to love. Since the age of 10 I have competed in every Southeastern Championship meet at the end of each season, and most recently, I was selected to be apart of the Zone team to represent Southeasters at the Southern Zone meet. At Zones I made a lot of great friends who I still keep up with on a weekly basis. I currently swim on the Memphis Thunder Aquatic Club, coached by Dan Schultz. I plan to continue swimming on through high school and into college. I attend Memphis University School, which is a private, college preparatory school, where all my classes were at the honors and honors accelerated level. I finished my final semester with a 4.3 GPA while being active in the Government Club and other organizations in the school. I was apart of the Varsity Swim Team and Varsity Water Polo Team, where we won the county championships in both and were the state runner-up in swimming. I was selected to the all-metro swim team and was a finalist for swimming in The Commercial Appeal's: "Best of the Preps". In the past, I have given swim lessons and volunteered at our diversity meets with our local chapter of the Make a Splash Foundation. Swimming has given me the opportunity to develop leadership skills, formulate long-term goals, learn time management abilities, and work ethic traits. I believe I can continue to promoter the spirit and enthusiasm of what Southeastern Swimming is about. It was evident at the Zone Championship Meet that Southeasterns, in my opinion, had the most spirit and passion for the sport of swimming, and I would love to keep promoting those ideals. To better inform our athletes in the LSC, I would like to propose that Southeastern has both  an official Instagram and Twitter account to which the athletes could have access to communicate with each other to create a stronger unity within Southeastern LSC. It would be an honor to be selected as a representative for the Southeastern LSC.


Christian Berry 


My name is Jewels Harris, I'm 14 and I've been swimming competitively since I was 6 years old with Crimson Tide Aquatics in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I've competed at the Southeastern Championship meet since I was 9 years old and I was apart of the 2012 zones team as well. I went to the 2014 NSCA Junior Nationals meet and am aiming for my Speedo Junior Nationals cut this summer. I am a Sophomore at Northridge High school, I was the freshman class Vice President and was recently elected the Sophomore class Vice President maintaining a 4.1 GPA throughout the year. I am a people person and definitely a social butterfly, so I think I could reach out to other swimmers to get more involved with the sport and let them know it's not all about being so serious all 

the time, but having fun with the sport and enjoying themselves. I could also teach them how important it is to reach out to others having hard times in this sport if they are nervous they won't do as well as they are planning to. Hopefully I can be Southeastern Swimmings new Athlete Representative. 
Thank you,
Jewels Harris 
   This is Logan Mead form Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club. I am interested in a leadership position for the Southeastern region.


My name is Margaret Carey. I am applying to be a representative for the Southeastern LSC. In August I will begin my sophomore year at McGill Toolen Catholic High School. Swimming for the City of Mobile Swim Association has been a major part of my life for the past 8 years. Competing in the Southeastern Championship began for me at age 10 and I have continued this, in both the long and short course meets each year. Representing the Southeast at the Zones Championship meet was a wonderful honor for me. The energy and excitement at that exceeded all my expectations. The friends I have made and the overalll experience cannot be measured. I have come to realize how important the team concept is to me. Swimming has not just been a part of my life, it has helped me build characters and taught me the value of who I am and what I have become. The hard work and extra effort I have put into swimming has allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined, I truly love swimming and the opportunities it has blessed me with in my life. Gaining self discipline, time management, and self confidence has helped me achieve higher levels in all I do. Especially in the academic area, without swimming I would never have gained such tremendous success in academics. During the past year I was named a Scholar Athlete maintaining a 3.9 GPA. If chosen to be a representative I feel the passion I have for swimming and the leadership qualities it will afford me, will help me encourage others to participate in the sport I love. As the sport of swimming grows it will be a privilege for me to be part of it. Thank you for considering me for this amazing opportunity as a representative of the Southeastern LSC. 
Margaret Carey

    My name is Chase Van Patten and I am a rising junior at Siegel High School. I am a 4.0 student and take a heavy AP course load. I have been swimming competitively for eight years, currently with Riverdale Rapids Swim Team. Having swam on three club teams in two different LSCs and my high school team, I have had the opportunity to meet many swimmers and develop a network of athlete friends. I will work diligently to communicate concerns and information to the athlete body. I will also be able to contribute a deep commitment and effort to make our LSC as strong as possible. USA swimming has helped shape me and I would love the opportunity to give my time back and learn more about it as an organization.

Chase Van Patten
Please accept this letter, as my request to be considered for the position of swimmer representative
for the SES. This position would be a great honor to me and I believe my experience in the sport of
swimming and my life can positively contribute to SES.
I have been a member of LSC for 10 years. Competition events have brought me to all venues within
the region. I have contributed to my own team, as well as met and befriended swimmers from many
of the clubs in the southeast. My swimming accomplishments include:
• qualifying for Southeasterns
• qualifying for Sectionals
• selected as Hoover High School swim and dive team Captain as a sophomore and junior (senior
captain yet to be selected)
• participating on two (2) State high school championship winning teams
• swimming a leg on the 4 x 100 state record setting relay team
• I have coached on summer league teams and I teach swim lessons to beginning swimmers
Swimming is my passion and given the opportunity to be a representative would expand my
knowledge and experience in the sport I so love.
I am in contact on a regular basis with swimmers from around the southeast; and would love to
represent my peers, as their representative and voice in matters of business related to our sport.
Many people believe I possess the qualities of a natural-born leader. I am a good listener, and have
been recognized as having the best interest of the group over that of myself. In addition, I have
always been able to communicate with adults from an early age; and would be proud to voice the
concerns and questions of my peers, as their representative.
I have been selected as a leader on my teams; and I have exhibited excellence in school, as
exemplified by having been selected to the National Honor Society and National Honor Society for
I am a strong Christian; one who leads our church's, Hoover City Group, a Bible study and life-study
group for middle and high school age participants. I have strong morals and ethics; and I work hard
daily to improve myself and support those around me. I pledge to represent swimmers from our
section in a manner consistent with my work and moral ethics at all times; and, if selected, strive to
make those that were a part of my selection proud of their choice.
Thank you in advance for your consideration regarding this position.
Yours truly,
Alli Smith