Bolles 'Summer Classic' - The info


Bolles “Summer Classic” Invitational

June 26-29, 2014


The Bolles School, 7400 San Jose Blvd, Jax, FL  32217

Link to info on our website “event page”   (a meet “psych sheet” has been posted)


12 & Under: Timed Finals (only race an event once)

13-14, 15-16 & Senior: Prelim/Finals ----top 16 out of prelims return for evening Finals!

Finals: Any swimmer who competes in a preliminary heat and qualifies as one of the finalists, as originally seeded, must swim in that events final; or must notify the clerk of course that he/she intends to scratch from that final's event, within 30 minutes of the announcement of the qualifiers. Swimmers may reverse their intention to scratch and choose to be seeded for finals if they do so within 30 minutes of their last prelim event of the day. Any swimmer seeded in a final who fails to swim that event will be barred from their next individual event unless excused by the meet referee because of illness or injury. A swimmer not originally qualified for finals who is seeded into a final due to the scratch of another swimmer will not be penalized for failing to swim in that final. Alternates wishing to swim in an open lane in finals must be standing in the starter's area, ready to step on the blocks for his/her swim, when the swimmers are called to the blocks. Only the starter will call for the alternate, not the announcer. NOTE: this rule applies to 13-14, 15-16 and senior events only.

Meet management will use fly-over and/or chase starts at this competition (start from both ends)

Meet management will compete 2 swimmers per lane using catch-up starts from opposite ends of the pool for freestyle events 400m and longer (see additional notes below)

Warm-up & Start times:

Thursday - All ages:

 3:20 pm Warm-up - Lane 3 (share)    [Competition begins 4:00 pm]

Coaches must do a “positive check in” for all swimmers on Thur prior to 3:30. If you are not there, we will not check you in and you will not be able to Race. Please be on time.


13-14, 15-16, Senior ----- Fri + Sat + Sun:

6:15am Dryland / 6:25 in H2O Lane 6  [Prelims at 8:00 am]   / Finals 3:50 pm  [Race at 5:00 pm]


10 & Under, 11-12 ---– Fri + Sat + Sun:

Actual Warm-up times TBA (should know sometime on Thu)

Best guess = 11:30 am in small pool (more info to come!) (it may be ‘later’)

Guaranteed a minimum of 15 minutes warm up in the competition pool = Lane 6

[Competition “no earlier” than 12:30 pm]   (but it may be “later” than 12:30)

Chase starts (100’s + 200’s + 400 IM):

North end (building) = ODD heats

South end (scoreboard) = EVEN heats

<<  All 50’s will start at North end (building) and finish at South (scoreboard) end  >>


Catch up starts:

400 Free, 800 Free and 1,500 Free – two heats will simultaneously race from opposite ends of the pool. Once you dive in move to the “right” side of your lane and “stay on that side” for the duration of race.

Team Uniform:  

Thurs - Navy / Fri - White / Sat - Green / Sun – Navy     (Don’t have? Wear the ‘color’)


Medals first through third, ribbons fourth through eighth.

Individual Age Group High Point and Runner Up awards.


-Remember sunscreen

-Sit in the shade when not swimming (the sun drains you)

-Bring hydration (water & Gatorade) + proper nutrition for a meet (no fried foods, etc.)

-Eat before you get to the pool, it is fuel for your engine!

-Nutrition article

-Stay out of the warm-down pool unless directed by a coach

-Be on time to warm up! Essential for the swimmer

-Talk to your coach before and immediately after races

-Know event number, heat/lane and do not miss your race (use a sharpie & write on your hand)

-If you race in a swim cap, it must be a Loggerhead green team cap (available from coaches)

-Have fun!


All practices for Thursday PM, Friday & Saturday have been canceled due to the meet.

Thu AM practices for those not racing Thu = Senior as usual; Gold & Gold Plus = 9:30-10:45 am only.



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