800 Free Relays Move DCST Up in National Team Standings (Day 4 Results)

800 Free Relays Move DCST Up in National Team Standings (Day 4 Results)

                DCST’s phenomenal 800 Free Relay performances on Thursday moved DCST up in both the women and men’s team standings. The women’s relay team of Casey Jepsen, Kate Taylor, Emily Launer and Emily Waller dropped 7.5 seconds from their seed time to finish 5th. On the day, the women’s team moved up from 14th to 11th place. Grant Alef, Chad Thompson, Michael Gordon and David Gordon went 15.5 seconds faster than their seed time to earn 6th place in the relay. The day’s results moved the men’s team up from 8th place to 6th place. In the combined team scoring, DCST remains in 7th place with one more day of competition. All 8 relay swimmers earned National All-American honors for their performances.
                The other outstanding event for DCST on Thursday was the 200 backstroke. Grant Alef and Chad Thompson both earned National All-America status for the second time on the day with their 8th and 12th place finishes respectively. Chad achieved this distinction by swimming his lifetime best time in prelim session by 6 seconds and then dropping another second in the final session. Grant’s has now earned National All-American honors in all four of his individual events this week. With a 4 second time drop, Tara Gidaszewski also had an outstanding swim in her 200 backstroke.
                Emily Waller swam her best time in the 100 freestyle in the prelim session by 2.25 seconds, and then went .5 seconds faster and under the one minute mark in finals to place 10th and earn National All-American status. Casey Jepsen also had an impressive 2 second time drop in the 100 freestyle.
                Michael Gordon set DCST’s lone record on the day with an almost 9 second time improvement, 16 place finish, and National All-American swim in the 400 individual medley. Katie Hallenbeck and Sharron Isola had 0.3 and 2.7 time improvements in the 50 butterfly. These time improvements brought DCST’s total to 9 for 12 on the day and 39 for 47 on the week.
                Note – In previous articles about the National Meet results, Kei Ishimaru was mistakenly not credited for his 3 new team records. Kei set team records in all three of his individual events this week (50 breaststroke, 200 individual medley, and 100 butterfly). DCST has currently set 20 team records so far this week.
Complete Listing of DCST Results from Day 4
Men’s 400 Individual Medley
                Michael Gordon
                                Prelims (12th) – 4:48.43 – DCST Team Record
                                Finals (16th) – 4:53.35 – National All-American
Women’s 100 Freestyle
                Emily Waller
                                Prelims (11th) – 1:00.26
                                Finals (10th) – 59.71 – National All-American
                Casey Jepsen (T-39th) – 1:01.49
Women’s 200 Backstroke
                Emily Launer
                                Prelims (17th) – 2:25.35
                                Finals (22nd) – 2:26.68
                Tara Gidaszewski (25th) – 2:27.21
Men’s 200 Backstroke
                Grant Alef
                                Prelims (8th) – 2:12.11
                                Finals (8th) – 2:12.42 – National All-American
                Chad Thompson
                                Prelims (16th) – 2:13.93
                                Finals (12th) – 2:12.81 – National All-American
Women’s 50 Butterfly
                Katie Hallenbeck (33rd) – 30.50
                Sharron Isola (44th) – 30.74
                Rebecca Hallenbeck (163rd) – 32.89
Women’s 800 Freestyle Relay
Casey Jepsen, Kate Taylor, Emily Launer, Emily Waller
                Finals (5th) – 8:45.13 – All four swimmers earned National All-American honors
Men’s 800 Freestyle Relay
                Grant Alef, Chad Thompson, Michael Gordon, David Gordon
                                Finals (6th) – 7:57.97 – All four swimmers earned All-American honors
Team Scoring
                Women – 11th Place
                Men – 6th Place
                Combined Men and Women – 7th Place