2009 Junior Olympic Summary


Junior Olympics
2009 Junior Olympic Champion: Alec Hsing in the 50 breaststroke
Finalists: (Top 8)   Mei Ling Chun 50 in the Breast & 200IM,
Alec Hsing in the 50 breast, 100 free, 100 Back, & 200IM,
Theresa Lo in the 400 Free
Consolation Finalists: Theresa Lo, Matthew Wang, Michael Wang, Alex Huang, Vanessa Cheng, and Lauryn Robbins.
This has been a great meet for Trident; Rounding out the swimming events was Brittany Yee who dropped 5 seconds in the 200 fly.  Alena Kim dropped 2 seconds in several of her events.  Krystal Sung who finished 17th in the 50 Fly.
On Fridays, we had two swimmers with “Swim of the Day” results:  Steven Fu who dropped several seconds to finished 11th.  Theresa Lo finished 5th in the 400 Free and also earned her 3rd SCSRT Time.
The 50 breaststroke had 3 girls swimming at night after qualifying in the am:  Mei Ling, Lauren Robbins and Vanessa Cheng.  That was a great feat.  On Thursday every Trident that was in a breaststroke event qualified for a second swim in finals!!!!!!!!!

Another Successful Day at Junior Olympics - Saturday Finals were another success.  Alec Hsing won his second championship title in the 100 breaststroke!   Mei ling Chun swimming the 100 breaststroke won the consolation finals in an exciting fashion.  Her time would have finished 3rd overall.  It was a great swim for her.  Steven Fu and Michael Wang also improved upon their morning swim results by dropping more time.  Rounding out the night was Alec Hsing finishing top 8 in the 50 Back and Alex Huang in Consolation Finals (9-16) for the 50 Free.  In the afternoon  Matthew Wang swam the 1500 Meter Freestyle finishing 9th overall and dropping 20 seconds.   In a real treat Matthew after his race was able to meet Olympian John Mykannan who swam in 1984 for the USA.
All swimmers swam real well for our team.  I was very proud how they swam.  A Classic example was poor Brittany Yee.   While swimming the 1500 meter free, her cap and goggles fell off during the race.  The cap when hanging from your goggles acts as an anchor which slows down the swimmer.   When it fell off Brittany had two options.  Slow down or speed up.  Brittany chose the second option and showed us some great swimming, having some of the best turns ever!!!!  We were all proud of you Brittany.   Also swimming were Vanessa Cheng, Krystal Sung, Ryan Chow and Lauryn Robbins who finished 17th which qualifies them as an alternate for the finals (One spot away from making the finals) in the 100 breaststroke.
Trident is having one of its best Junior Olympic years ever in our team very short history. We have scored over 200 Points.  This is a first for Trident as a team to score at this level.  As of Thursday we were in 12 Place.  The percentage of swimmers best times, time improvement from the morning to afternoon, numbers of swimmers qualifying for Finals, the amount of time dropped were outstanding!!!!!
On Sunday, our relay team of 11-12 Girls will be represented by Alena Kim, Mei Ling Chun, Lauryn Robbins, Vanessa Cheng, and Theresa Lo. They will swim in 4 Relays rounding out the meet!
I would like to congratulate all our 2009 Summer JO Team members for their contribution to the outstanding results and for representing our team.
Ryan Chow, Steven Fu, Alec Hsing, Alex Huang, Alvin Tsai,  Matthew Wang, and Michael Wang
Vanessa Cheng, Mei Ling Chun, Alena Kim, Theresa Lo, Lauryn Robbins, Krystal Sung, & Brittany Yee
Way to Go Tridents!!!!!