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PLEASE READ! 2014 Northland Conference Swim Meet Guideline and MAP




Please read over the following information and rules regarding NC Championship Meet July 21-23.

I have attatched a link to the MAP information a the Bottom of the page.


8&U/9-10 Prelims: all individual events and medley relays; Warm-ups begin at 4:45PM: Meet begins at 5:45 PM


11-18 Prelims: all individual events and medley relays; Warm-ups begin at 4:45PM; Meet begins at 5:45 PM.


Finals for all ages including all individual events and freestyle relays; Warm-ups begin at 4:45PM; Meet begins at 5:45 PM.


Rain date

Swimmers need to have met the time standards in 2014 for the meet and also have participated in 3 dual meets for their team for the 2014 season to be eligible to swim in the Championship Meet. Relays must be filled out using the best time from the dual meets and submitted with your entries.  Relay swimmer changes will be allowed per USA Swimming rules.


Crash Areas

There will be assigned team crash areas. The primary crash area at Tiffany Springs will be directly southeast of the competition pool outside of the fence, off the service road. Team areas ill be marked. Please only use this area for tents.  Please refer to the attached pool map. Please ask your parents not to arrive earlier than 4pm. The administrative area will be limited to authorized personnel as denoted by access pass. Signs and banners may be attached to the chain link fence. All signage and tents must be taken down nightly.


There will be parking attendants directing the traffic flow at both pools. Please park in the areas provided. At Tiffany Springs, NO PARKING IS ALLOWED IN THE VETRINARIAN’S OFFICE PARKING LOT, and NO PARKING IS ALLOWED ON THE GRASS BETWEEN THE POOL AND CONGRESS. Cars parked in No Parking areas WILL BE TICKETED AND TOWED AT THE OWNERS EXPENSE.  Please be careful of pedestrians and inform your parents and other spectators to refrain from leaving any valuables in their vehicles.

Tiffany Springs Aquatics Complex

The Tiffany Springs Aquatics Complex includes a competition pool as well as a water park with slides, fountains, etc. The water park areas are off limits to swimmers and spectators.   

Do not cross barriers or disobey safety marshals. Please be respectful of other spectators, we all have children that we want to watch and celebrate.


At Tiffany Springs Aquatic Complex,  no outside food or drink may be brought in or consumed in the pool area with the exception of bottled water. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited. Swimmers and parents may possess and consume personal food and drink in the crash areas outside the fenced pool area. Hy-Vee concessions will be available for purchase outside the pool area and patrons may use the picnic tables in the pool area for eating. No grilling will be allowed in the crash areas.


The Championship Meet referee is Lee Wolfe. Stroke and turn judges, starters, and referees for the meet will be assigned for the meet according to their availability recorded on the official’s survey found on the NSC website. Assignments will be communicated via email.

An officials meeting will be held each night prior to the start of the meet at 5:00 pm. All officials must attend this meeting. Each official’s credentials and current USA membership will be checked nightly. Officials should wear white shirts and navy blue shorts. Meals and water will be provided.


A coaches meeting will be held directly after the officials meeting nightly. Scratches will need to be made at the computer table by 5:00 pm each night.

Coaches will be required to wear credentials during the meet. Coaches without credentials will not be allowed on the deck, in the coaching area, or at any of the meetings. Coaches are encouraged to have only minimal conversations with swimmers at the coaches' tables to help maintain spectators' line of sight to the pool. Water will be provided for the coaches. Teams are responsible for providing food for their coaches.





All swimmers, parents, and spectators are expected to abide by the rules of the Tiffany Springs Aquatics Complex, the Northland Swim Conference and USA Swimming.  Any person who does not adhere to these rules will be escorted from the meet and will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the meet. Swimmers are asked not to hang on the lane lines during warm-ups.

Clerk of the Course

There will be a clerk of the course for all evenings of competition. On Wednesday, The Clerk of the Course will be a referee with a radio. Coaches and parents are responsible for getting their swimmers to the clerk of course on time. Once a swimmer has checked in with the clerk of the course, the swimmer shall not leave the alignment area. In the older age groups it is ultimately  the responsibility of the swimmer to get to their events on time. Swimmers are considered checked-in for their events when they submit their entries for the meet. 

Preliminary Competition: In preliminaries, if a swimmer elects not to swim an event in which he/she is entered, the swimmer or his/her coach or representative should scratch the event thirty (30) minutes prior to the beginning of a nights events. 

Final Competition: Any swimmer who qualifies for consolation or finals and fails to appear will be removed from the meet, will not be awarded a medal, will not earn points for his/her team for that event, and will be disqualified for the remainder of the meet.  A swimmer who qualifies for consolation or finals and is scratched by his/her coach prior to the start of the session shall not be awarded a medal or earn points for his/her team in that event, but shall not be further penalized.

Senior Recognition

Senior recognition will be done both in the Conference Heat Sheets and through the public address system at half time on Wednesday evening.  Team representatives should forward names of senior swimmers, team, and number of years in Northland Conference, to the Heat Sheet Coordinator, Dawn Holt, via email DawnJHolt@gmail by 5:00PM on Monday, July 14th.

Bleacher Assignments

There are 10 sets of bleachers available at the Tiffany Springs Aquatics Complex. The smallest two teams will share one set of bleachers. The other eight bleachers are reserved for each of the remaining teams. Assignments are as follows:

Starting Blocks End

10 – Kearney

1 – New Mark

9 – Sherwood/Walnut Creek

2 – Coves

8 – Old Pike

3 – Hills of Walden

7 – Brooktree

4 – Clayview

6 – Thousand Oaks

5 – Riss Lake

Bulkhead End


Spectators, swimmers and coaches should refrain from standing in front of the bleachers.

Warm-ups and Lane Assignments – Will be sent closer to the meet date.

Warm-ups will begin each night at 4:45 pm. At Tiffany Springs Aquatics Complex, both sections of the competition pool will be utilized for warm-ups. At 5:05 pm, teams in the competition pool will switch places with teams in the cool down pool. This will provide all teams with an equal amount of time on the starting blocks. Open lanes will be assigned as necessary. Warm-ups will end promptly at 5:25 pm.


All medical concerns should report to the lifeguards.

Results Posting

Results will be posted on the wall by the bathrooms and on MeetMobile.

Lightning Policy

We will follow the Lightning Policy of the Facility.  The meet referee, meet director, and pool representative will make weather related decisions regarding the meet.



The Tim Kidder award will be presented immediately prior to the start on Wednesday night.

This award, in memory of coach Tim Kidder who passed away in 2001, honors the individual who best portrays personal dedication and contributions to the Northland Swim Conference and the sport of swimming. Please email nominations, due by 5:00 PM Friday, July 11th to




 Trophies for first, second and third place in small and large divisions will be awarded after final scoring tabulations. Location of the awards ceremony will depend on time.


                                    MOST IMPROVED TIMES AWARD

This team award will reflect the improvement of average aggregate individual times from the first recorded time for each swimmer and each event, to the best recorded time per swimmer per event prior to championship.


                                                            SPIRIT AWARD


Each team votes for the top three (3) teams for the Spirit Award. No team can vote for itself. Failure to submit your team's ballot to the Meet Director by the end of Tuesday night's prelims will eliminate your team from contention. The following criteria should be considered by the voting team: Theme, Enthusiasm, Banner, Sportsmanship, Participation, and Costumes/Attire. This award will be presented Wednesday night.


Clean Up

Each team is responsible to assist with clean up at the conclusion of each night. All teams are required to pick up trash from their bleacher and crash areas prior to leaving.


Team Job Assignments

The Northland Swim Conference is a recreational league run by volunteers. This meet could not be held without the continued assistance of the many families that support their swimmers. In advance, we thank you all for your help.


MAP link below