BBST stellar in Lake Padden Open Water debut

BELLINGHAM , WA BBST swimmers: Donovan Brogan, Aly Fell, Eli Williamson, RD Hunter, Julie Maurer, Louie Hunter, Molly McGuire, Andy Small, and Kim Jeter, were stellar in their Lake Padden Open Water debut.  The 18&Under swimmers from BBST competed in a 2.5km race, while BBST's Kim Jeter, 37, competed in the 5km race.  Finishing in the top 3 in the 2.5km race were: Men - RD Hunter (18&U - 3rd place), Andy Small (18&Under - 2nd place), Donovan Brogan (18&Under and Overall - 1st place).  Women - Molly McGuire (18&Under - 3rd place), Julie Maurer (18&Under - 2nd place), Aly Fell (18&Under and Overall woman - 1st place).  Aly Fell's time was 3rd place overall for men and women competing in the 2.5km race.  BBST parent Bob Fish (19&Over - 2nd place).  Top 3 finisher for the 5km race: Women - Kim Jeter (1st place).  Special THANKS to Bailey Shewchuk for officiating the race.    Race Results