PWSL 2014 Week 5 Results

Welcome back after a week off for the holiday.  We had 4 league records fall and 2 two meets that came down to the wire.  Lori Anne Madison from Lake Ridge broke her own league record in the 8 & U 25 Breaststroke and the other 3 league records were broken by Westrigde's Aris Runnels.  She set records in the 9-10 Free, Back, and Fly - great triple today.

On the team side, Sudley held off Piedmont by 54 points, while Montclair was able to top a higher division Meadowbrook by 24 points in our closet meet of the week.

Please see the   summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.  The   Top 25 individual times and   Top 15 Relays of the week are also available.  This week's cyber meet and the Excel version of the summary report are   available   to the computer reps on this site; while interactive results are available at