Swim Meets and Sedona Mile Update

 Swim Meets and Sedona Mile! 

A quick shout out and big Congratulations, Regional Championships Swordfish swimmers who survived the heat down in Phoenix this past weekend.  Andrew, you did fantastic job and I, along with the rest of your team are extremely proud of you.  You had great swims, and your time drops were impressive.  Your technique is really coming along nicely.  yes You rocked it.

This Friday is our Annual Sedona Mile swim event! This is our team’s  big chance of the season to raise money. [Fund raising helps keep our dues down.]  It’s also your opportunity as a swimmer to earn great prizes, while having friends and neighbors sponsor your swim.

The team will meet at the pool for regular practice on Friday and you will swim your mile during that time.  You can swim any stroke, or any combination. Your team mates will be on deck, and we will count and time for each other, and naturally cheer our mates on!!

Additionally, the pool will  be staffed and open all day so if you have a family member, friend or anyone else from the community who would like to swim a mile, they are welcome to show up and hop in the pool on Friday between 7:00am-5:00 pm to swim their mile.  They are also able to swim other times, and should check with staff for lane space and availability. Registration for non-team members is $25.00 [and includes a tee shirt.] Larger donations are very much appreciated. 

Recreation and lap swimmers, and those from the neighborhood who would just like to jump in and cool off and swim,  are welcome to come on over to the pool to swim their mile. We will gladly find someone to count your laps for you, and there's no pressure time wise. Leisurely swim and enjoy your time in the water. 

You can't get an "I swam the Sedona Mile" tee shirt, unless you do!!! 

If you know someone who wants to swim the mile, and they live out of the area, this year we are happily agreeing to long distance, “Honor system swims” Have your swimmer email Coach Bronson @ [email protected] to make arrangements for a “postal swim.”

As far as your sponsors, they can submit donations to you via cash, check, rolled coins, or online at

They can even pay via paypal. Our paypal address is [email protected] -

To date we have raisied 1506.00 of our 5000.00 goal. We can do this swimmers. 

To those who have already donated either in person, or online A BIG hearty THANK you. Our team really appreciates your generosity.

Looking ahead, we have 2014 Long Course State Championship this weekend. The meet is at the Mona Plumber Aquatics Center in Tempe. This is a great facility.

Unprecedented, Emma Warner qualified for the maximum number of events and more.  Because of this she actually had to choose which events she wanted to race.  A beautiful problem to have!!!

I know that our entire team joins me in wishing Emma good luck and a fast lane for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She's going to do amazing, and it is going to be a super fun weekend.

Thank you everyone.

Good luck this weekend, Emma!! smiley

--Coach B

Good luck everyone on your mile swim!! Make sure to grab as many sponsors as you can.  cool