SST Fall 2014 Announcements
While we are still working on our full season schedule I am happy be able to share with you some important dates as well as some exciting enhancements to the program. Please also read Head Coach Jeff Gross' note (attached) in which he will expound on our upcoming season. 
What's new this year 
As we continue to expand our involvement in USA swimming we encourage all our swimmers who are proficient in all 4 strokes to participate. USA swimming membership will be required for both the Platinum and Gold groups this year. Sliver swimmers are strongly encouraged to join, as well as stronger bronze swimmers. Please consult with Coach Jeff if you unsure about your bronze swimmer.
Introducing SST Titanium: We will have a new training group this season, Titanium. The Titanium group is specifically designed as an partner for the Gold group. Please see more details about the group's formation in Coach Jeff's note. (See swim groups) The group will focus on excellent swimming skills while maintaining solid training base. 
ONLINE REGISTRATION: Registration will now take place on the same team website you visit for all of your other team needs, Registration for current "returning" swimmers (swam between Sept. 2013 and now) will open 7/25/14. Open registration will begin 8/8/14Returning swimmer's spot will be held only until open registration begins, at that time we will take registrations on a first come first serve basis until we hit our maximum of 185 total swimmers. We fully expect the team to sell out this fall so secure your space early!
We have also revised our group training schedules to better accommodate our swimmers and make maximum use of our resources. See our general group schedules attached.  
What Comes Next
In the next week or so you will be getting series of emails. Early next week you will receive more detailed information about the swim groups including a group list with swimmer assignments for everyone that swam with us from Sept. 2013 until now.  Later next week, prior to registration opening, you will receive detailed instructions for registering your swimmer. 
Important dates to know 
7/25 registration for current members begins
7/29 1st Evaluation day 5-6 pm 
8/8 Open registration begins
8/18 Platinum Pre-season training begins (schedule to follow)
8/18 2nd evaluation day 5-6 pm
8/18 non-current "New" swimmer parent meeting 6:15 pm*
8/19 Current swimmer "Returning" parent meeting 7:15 pm*
8/20,8/22 "New" swimmer on ramp (schedule to follow)
*Although each parent meeting will be tailored for their intended audience they will review the same base information. If you are unable to attend your intended meeting please attend the other! 


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