Sedona Mile and More

 A couple of Team updates

First and foremost a huge congratulations to ALL of our swimmers on outstanding Sedona Mile swim times. I am encouraged by your fund raising ability  Currently, we’re at $ 3,093 and edging toward our 5000.00 goal.

…MORE importantly I am excited by your amazing event times. You did sooooooo great. All of us coaches are compiling and highlighting records for swim times and fund raising and those accountings will be announced at practice next week [and top # ‘s posted online as well]

For those of you haven’t turned in your fund raising money yet, please do so, by the beginning of next week. Money can also be donated online using this link [This is a good way to have an out of town relative sponsor you]

If you haven’t swam your mile yet, please talk to your coach at practice and schedule a time to do so. If you have a family member or know someone in the community who would like to swim, again please speak to your coach, or have them call or email Coach Bronson.

To date we have had two postal swimmers complete their miles.

Both,from Idaho.

A Male age 77 swam the mile , and touched the wall at  34:39 and donated $100.00

And his wife age 76 clocked in at  54:53 and donated as well.

[This is not their first time swimming!]  Congratulations to this fantastic couple. Their support is magnificent and their commitment as long time fitness enthusiasts is what swimming is all about.

As I type this, I am in Phoenix at the 2014 Long Course State Championship.

Emma Warner is representing the Swordfish at this meet, and has already done a phenomenal job. yes

The meet is unique for Emma in that she qualified for more events than she was allowed to swim. So she had to pick, and she did a good job choosing.

In an awesome display, she has dropped time in nearly every swim, and has made it back to this afternoons’ finals.  

Good luck Emma. cool You've got this!