Group assignments Fall 2014
As promised, here is the group information for the upcoming Fall season. This season our groups will be as follows:
Mini-RaysOur Pre-swim team group, for those with swim lesson experience. 

Bronze: Our beginning level group, for Mini-Rays graduates or equivalent experience. 

Silver: Our intermediate level group, for Bronze graduates or equivalent experience. 

Titanium (Our newest addition!): One of our upper level groups, for Sliver graduates or equivalent experience. 
Gold: One of our upper level groups, for Sliver graduates or equivalent experience. 
Platinum: Our top level groups, for Gold graduates or equivalent experience. 
Updated group descriptions can be found on our website (link below). 
*We are still in the process of assigning coaches to groups. These sections will be updated later this week following the announcement of our newest additions to the staff. 
As mentioned previously, we have revised our swim group schedules this season to better accommodate our swimmers and make maximum use of our resources. The general group schedule is attached. Please keep in mind that this will vary from time to time as we work around other facility users and home events. In addition to a full season schedule, which will be published at a later date, we will also send weekly updates. 
"Returning" swimmers (swam between Sept. 2013 and now):
Attached you will find the swimmers' group assignments. Once registration is open, this is the group you will register your swimmer for. Anyone wishing to be placed in a group other than what is listed, may attend one of our evaluation days listed below. 
"New" swimmers (have never swam for the team OR swam for the team prior to Sept. 2013):
Please attend one of our group evaluations on Tuesday, July 29th or Monday, August 18th, both from 5-6 pm. 
Fall 2014 Pricing: 

All registrations include a swim cap and T-shirt. USA prices include registration with USA swimming and the creation of a Splash account for the swimmer. 























* Each USA swimmer will have a "Splash" account created for them. From this account, we will deduct meet entry fees for USA meets throughout the season. We estimate meet entry fees for most swimmers to be around $200, this will depend on the number of meets and events swum throughout the season. We will collect $100 upfront. When your account balance reaches $40 or less we will send you a reminder to add additional funds. You will also have the option to add more than the minimum $100 when registering the swimmer. Any balance left in the account at the end of season will simply rollover to the next season, you do not loose this money.
** Those with a balance from a previous season will have their balance rolled over in addition to the $100 collected for this season. In order to make sure this credit is applied to the splash account this will take place after registration. If you have concerns about this please contact Nick.
Important dates to know 
7/25 Registration for current members begins
7/29 1st Evaluation day 5-6 pm 
8/8 Open registration begins
8/18 Platinum Pre-season training begins (schedule to follow)
8/18 2nd evaluation day 5-6 pm
8/18 Non-current/"New" swimmer parent meeting 6:15 pm*
8/19 Current swimmer/"Returning" parent meeting 7:15 pm*
8/20,8/22 "New" swimmer on-ramp (schedule to follow)