Ye Claims Two State Titles at Illinois Age Group Champs

Ye Claims Two State Titles at Illinois Age Group Championship Meet

        DCST had an excellent Age Group Championship Meet with a total of 54 swims in the meet; DCST had 40 lifetime best performances for a 74% improvement rate.

        In the 13 – 14 year old Girls Age Group, Athena Ye won both the 100 meter and 200 meter state titles.  Furthermore, she also had a pair of 10th place finishes in the 400 meter IM and 100 meter Butterfly events.  Athena achieved best times in 5 of her 7 individual events.  Also in the 13 – 14 girls age group, Sarah Hein and Abby Pardridge were both perfect with 2 best times in their 2 individual events.  Hein scored in the 100 meter Butterfly in 15th place.

        DCST’s highest scoring age group was the Boys ages 11 – 12.  David Ruetten (6 best times out of 7 swims), Paul Ruetten (6 best times out of 7 swim) and Quinn Cynor (5 best times out 6 swims) were the leaders in this age group.  David scored in 5 of his events (7th in the 50 meter Butterfly, 7th in the 200 meter Butterfly, 9th in the 100 meter Butterfly, 12th in the 100 meter Freestyle and 18th in the 200 meter IM.  Paul also scored in 5 of his events (7th in the 200 meter Breaststroke, 8th in the 50 meter Breaststroke, 12th in the 50 meter Backstroke, 15th in the 100 meter Breaststroke and 16th in the 200 meter IM).  Quinn scored in 3 of his events (13th in the 200 meter Butterfly, 14th in the 100 meter Butterfly and 19th in the 200 meter Backstroke.  David, Paul and Quinn were not finished as they teamed up with Gavin Anderson to take home an 8th place in the 400 meter Medley Relay and a 10th place in the 400 meter Freestyle Relay.

        DCST’s other relay to finish in the top 20 was the team of Grace Flemming, Aleida Wilkins, Megan LeBlanc and Emily Stark in the Girls ages 11 – 12 400 meter Medley Relay.  They finished in 16th place.  In her individual events, Aleida placed 10th in 50 meter Breaststroke and 18th in the100 meter Breaststroke.  Both swim were personal best times.  Megan was also perfect for the weekend with two personal best times, while Grace had 2 best times out of her 3 individual swims.

        Ethan Heinrich (100 meter Backstroke), Riley Lohse (50 meter Freestyle) and Nicole Skrzypek (100 meter Breaststroke) achieved one lifetime best performance.  Sarah Hein and Athena Ye will be competing again this week at the YMCA National Championships in Indianapolis, IN, while David and Paul Ruetten will be competing in Geneva, OH at the USA Swimming Zone Championship later this week.