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Mason Manta Rays Championship Wrap-up

July 11-13 the 14 and under Manta Rays kicked off the long course Championship season by sending over 130 swimmers to the 2014 South Regional Championships at Keating. The RAYS finished the meet with 444 best times. Manta Rays finishing in the Top 3 were: Magen Kelley (100 BR 2nd, 200 BR 3rd), Luis Carrillo (100 BR 3rd), Levi Shooner (50 BR 1st, 100 BR 1st, 200 IM 2nd, 200 FR 1st), Mia Lee (100 FR 2nd, 100 BK 2nd), Nicky Diangelo (100 FR 2nd, 50 Fly 3rd, 400 FR 3rd, 100 BR 3rd, 200 FR 2nd), Sahan Kansakar (100 FR 3rd, 200 FR 3rd), Kiara Anchrum (50 Fly 1st), Abby Patterson (50 Fly 3rd), Nicholas Wolfe (50 Fly 3rd, 50 BK 3rd, 100 BK 2nd), Jackson Ford (200 IM 2nd), Mia Thatcher (400 FR 3rd), McKenzie Grau (50 FR 2nd, 100 BR 2nd, 100 BK 1st, 200 FR 2nd), Cole Petersen (200 BR 2nd, 400 FR 2nd, 100 FR 3rd), Jessey Li (50 BR 1st, 100 BK 1st), Samira Wehmann (100 BK 1st, 200 BK 1st), Alex Zhang (200 IM 3rd), Camille Nguyen (400 FR 3rd), Michael Zuo (100 BK 1st, 100 fly 2nd), Meredith Wolf (200 BK 2nd), Puran Kansakar (200 BK 1st), Ty Totin (200 BK 2nd), Grace Zhang (100 Fly 3rd), Amanthi Ranatunga (200 Fly 3rd), Aki Li (200 Fly 3rd). The Manta Rays 11-12 Boys 200 FR Relay of Kabir Doshi, Alex Zhang, Brandon Meyers, and Nicky Diangelo finished in 2nd place and the 10 and under Girls 200 Medley Relay of Jessey Li, Megan Schoenlein, Emily Zhang, and Sydney Richards finished in 3rd place.

The 14 and under Manta Rays continued their Championship march July 17-20 with the 2014 Ohio Junior Olympics. The Manta Rays had 131 best times at the meet and finished in 5th place overall as a team. The following individuals finished in the Top 8: Allison Bloebaum (1500 Free 3rd, 200 FR 6th, 400 IM 4th, 200 Fly 4th, 400 FR 3rd), Kierstyn Cassidy (1500 FR 5th, 200 Fly 8th), Adam Chaney (400 FR 6th, 50 BK 3rd, 200 FR 8th, 50 FR 3rd, 100 FR 4th, 100 BK 4th), Carl Bloebaum (200 FR 3rd, 50 BK 5th, 200 IM 6th, 100 BK 2nd, 50 Fly 7th, 100 FR 6th, 100 Fly 4th), Kara Alexander (100 BR 7th, 200 BR 8th, 100 Fly 5th), Sahan Kansakar (50 BR 5th), Cameron Jones (50 BR 8th), Emily Zhao (100 Fly 7th).

July 21-24 was the USA Swimming Sectional Championships at Miami University. The following individuals finished in the Top 16 at the meet: Austin Caldwell (50 FR 2nd, 100 Fly 5th), Casey Frazier (400 IM 16th), Sydney Lofquist (200 BR 11th), Joel Thatcher (1500 FR 15th, Ashley Volpenhein (50 FR 1st, 100 FR 3rd, 100 Fly 10th), Josephine Waller (200 BR 16th), Hannah Whiteley (100 BK 2nd).

Fifteen Manta Rays traveled to Kenyon College to compete in the 2014 Ohio Senior Championships. During the meet RAYS combined for 61 best times. RAYS finishing in the Top 8 at the meet included: Justin Hove (1500 FR 1st, 400 IM 4th, 200 FR 5th, Joel Thatcher (400 FR 3rd, 400 IM 7th), Austin Caldwell (50 FR 1st, 100 Fly 2nd, 200 FR 1st, 100 FR 1st, 100 BK 4th), Luke Van Gorp (200 BR 6th). Mixed gender relays were held for the first time at this meet and the Manta Rays captured a first place in the 200 Free Relay with Peter He, Mary Margaret Fry, Jordan Decker, and Austin Caldwell.

The following Manta Rays will be headed to Spire Institute in Geneva, OH to compete for Team OHIO in the Central Zone Championships this weekend: Allison Bloebaum, Kierstyn Cassidy, Stephanie Schoenlein, Megan Wang, Lauren Thomas, Maggie Sattler, Kara Alexander, Emily Zhao, Puran Kansakar, Adam Chaney, Sahan Kansakar, Lauren Fries, and Cameron Jones.

The Manta Rays will also have three swimmers competing at the 2014 Speedo Junior National Championships July 30-August 3 in Irvine, CA. Good luck to Zoe Thatcher, Sydney Lofquist, and Ashley Volpenhein.

A special thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered this summer at the various meets as timers, officials, or chaperones. At one point during the JO Meet, there were 20 Manta Ray parents volunteering as either a timer or an official. The Manta Rays are very well represented by our volunteers and have given us a great reputation in the swimming community. We cannot thank you enough for what you do. 

The short course season will begin in September so enjoy the rest of your summer! GO RAYS!