Pot Luck Sunday and more!!!

Happy Friday!

Our end of season potluck is this coming Sunday at 5:00 rain or shine!  Looking forward to seeing you and your family at the pool! This year the team is BBQing burgers*

Teammates should additionally bring sides/veggies/chips/fruits/condiments//deserts/soft drinks, water or anything else you’d like to share!!!. Silverware and plates/cups will be provided.

We will be going over the season and talking about how great everyone did, as well as handing out ribbons from this year's meets and Sedona mile prizes. This is a fun way to end the summer, and hang out with your swim team buddies. It was a great season. It went by so quickly, and speakly for all the coaches on deck...WE'RE PROUD of each of you! 

*Weather permitting. * If you or your swimmer doesn’t like beef please bring an alternate item to BBQ and we will grill it up for you

Also, in the next few days our fall registration will go live on our website. If you swam all summer this is the perfect session for you to continue to perfect your strokes and drop your times!  

We WELCOME new swimmers to come see what swimming is all about during our first week of practice to try us out!!! [You must be water safe] Fall swimming is a great time to be in the water. The weather is just about perfect.

Our online donation form for the Sedona Mile has officially closed. If you know would like to make a donation to our team please contact Coach Bronson for contact information. We are also now accepting paypal.  Our paypal address is [email protected].

If you are donating via PayPal, please let us know so we can watch for it.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! Means a lot. 

See you at the pool!!! smiley

As always if you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email Coach Bronson, or speak to a coach on deck.