PWSL 2014 Week 7 Results - Divisionals

The end of an era and 15 league records fall during the Divisional meets.  For the first time in well over a decade a team other than the Sudley Seahorses will sit on top of the PWSL standings.  The Braemar Blasters finished their perfect season with a solid victory in the Blue Divisional meet.  In other Divisional winners included Bridlewood (Black), Kingsbrooke (Red), Montclair (Orange), Ashland (White), Dale City (Green), Southbridge (Purple), and Westridge (Yellow).  Southbridge had the closest margin of victory of just 54.5 point over Lake Manassas. However the Yellow division had all three teams within just 77.5 points of each other. 

In addition to the 15 league records there were 131 team records that also fell.  The summary sheet provides a list of all records and team standings.  

Please see the summary sheet for an overview of all the meets. The Top 25 individual times and Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet and the Excel version of the summary report are available to the computer reps on this site; while interactive results are available at