Breakers Splash into 40th Year! STB2014! Long Course Wrapup, Short Course Starts

Press Release

Breakers Splash into 40th Year!


Traverse City, MI, August 11, 2014:   

Northern Michigan's elite swim team, the Breakers Traverse City Swim Club, celebrates 40 years of success with the opening of the 2014-15 swim season. This growing travel team boasts nearly 200 swim families and 5 coaches. It is a non-profit, parent run organization offering a year round, family-oriented program promoting teamwork, pride and excellence through training, competition, and team building activities at all levels.

The Breakers swam to the end of the Long Course summer session, which wrapped up with the Michigan 14 & Under State Championship. State qualifiers included Mally Ulatowski, Erin Hagerty, Leah Timmer, Julia Brunner, Em Brown, and Abraham Apfel. While each of these dedicated swimmers shaved time off of their events, Brunner earned the title of State Champion in the 100 Butterfly and went home with medals in all six events she entered. She is also a member of the Michigan Zone Team and recently participated in a meet in Ohio where she took home another six medals, including first place in the 100 Butterfly with an unbelievable time of 1:05.

Another Breaker star is swimmer Ali Schwein, who swam this summer along with visiting swimmers from Indiana, Texas, Washington, Colorado, and Florida. Schwein’s athleticism spans water and land as she participated in numerous duathlon and triathlon events this summer.  Her dedicated training resulted in a first place title at the Tri Goddess Tri in Grass Lake, Michigan as well as qualifying time for the 2015 ITU Duathlon World Championship in Adelaide, Australia.

The Breakers practiced open water swims in the Bay and various lakes this summer and on August 9th, the 4th Annual Slay the Bay ½ mile, 1 mile and 2 mile swim course was set up for Breakers and the Grand Traverse Masters Open Water Swimmers (TCOWS), for a casual competition.  There were just about 30 swimmers between the ages of 9 and 69 and conditions were perfect at 9 AM on Bryant Park beach.  (TCOWS photo from Saturday attached).  (Slay the Bay 2014 Results attached).

As these and other team members swim into this 40th anniversary year, the Breakers welcome new swimmers between the ages of 5 and 18 for the Short Course Fall Season. Registration begins Monday, August 18th for returning swimmers and SEPT 4th for new swimmers. All new swimmers will participate in evaluations held on September 2nd, 3rd and 5th from 6-7pm at the Civic Center Pool.  Evaluations for new swimmers are on a first come basis.

For more information on any of these swim activities, please go to or contact Coach Jason Moore directly at 503-703-1481.


#1  Slay the Bay 2014 2 MILE Swimmers in purple caps:  Andy Oliver (left) , Sabina Favour (middle) , Matt Martin (right) , Kathy Coffin-Sheard (paddleboard).

#2  Slay the Bay 2014 Young Breaker Swimmers:  (Left to Right) Erin Hagerty, Claire Bongiorno, Mally Ulatowski, Greyson Carlson, Eamonn McGonigle

#3  Enmon McGonigle, Grey Carlson, Natalia Chela, Brooke Pohaska, Julia Brunner, Front Row, Erin Hagerty, Mally Ulatowski, Claire Bongiorno

#4  TCOWS at Slay the Bay in the photo : from left to right: 

front row:   Sabina Favour, Jim Harvey, Courtney Greening,(TCOWS coach and swimmer) Kathy Coffin-Sheard (Masters/TCOWS coach)

second row:  Tyler Cook, Kathleen Weaver, Michelle Northup, Michelle Zhang

3rd row: Leslie Summers, Kathy Calcutt, Terri Hanson, Dave Hester, Andy Oliver, Enid Hagerty, Chris Jeffries

4th row: John Plough, Todd LaBonte, Matt Martin

not pictured: Nancy Steele

2014 Slay the Bay results! !

1/2 mile!

1. 19.42 - Mally Ulatowski !

2. 32.25 - Kathleen Weaver!

3. 32.25 - Nancy Steele! !!

1 Mile!

1. 28.52 - Julia Brunner!

2. 31.04 - Sophia Thompson!

3. 31.56 - Grey Carlson!

4. 33.35 - Eamonn McGonigle!

5. 33.52 - Claire Bongiorno!

6. 34.25 - Kathy Calcutt!

7. 36.11 - Leslie Summers!

8. 36.17 - Erin Hagerty!

9. 36.20 - Enid Hagerty!

10. 37.28 - Brook Pohoska!

11. 37.28 - Natalia Chela!

12. 38.01 - John Albers!

13. 38.42 - Dave Hester!

14. 40.04 - Danielle Slaton!

15. 41.53 - Michelle Zhang!

16. 43.43 - Michelle Northrup ! !!

2 Mile!

1. 52.01 - Matt Martin!

2. 56.15 - Andy Oliver!

3. 58.16 - Sabina Favour!

4. 58.19 - Chris Jeffries!

5. 1:02.49 - John Plough!

6. 1:02.57 - Tyler Cook!

7. 1:07.04 - Terri Hanson!

8. 1:15.12 - Jim Harvey!

9. 1:17.10 - Todd LaBonte