PST Swimsuit and Equipment Fair this Monday

The Panther Swim Team is hosting a Community Swimsuit and Swim Equipment sale on Monday, September 1 from 2-4:30. Attending vendors include Arena, I-nus, Finis, Yingfa, Yoma and Zoggs. You can buy swimwear in all sizes, child to adult, as well as goggles, fins and other swimming related gear. The sale will be held at the new 50 meter pool in the breezeway. 

If you are part of PST and don't yet have an all black swimsuit for meets, or didn't pick up enough practice suits over the summer, this is your chance to stock up. This year's required equipment list is posted in the "Team Info" tabl at the top of the page. Please check the list and pick up any gear your swimmer may be missing. Your next chance to see most of these vendors will not be until our Swimfest Meet in November.

If you have your ISB ID card, you can enter the pool area through the gate across from Regent. If you don't have an ID, you will need to enter the main gate and get a visitors pass before coming to the sale. It's often difficult to find great swim gear in Bangkok, and with so many vendors to choose from, you are sure to find everything you need. 

If you have any specific questions about required equipment, please talk to your coach, or to Coach Day on Monday.