Weekly News (Sept 1-8)

Hello Panthers,

Registration is closed and it looks like we will have just over 180 swimmers this semester. I am looking forward to getting to know each and everyone of you.  

Important Info:

Early Release Day (Tuesday September 2nd)

All squads practice one hour earlier than normal


Coach Gai’s Squad:

You all are training back at the 25 m pool with the help of Coach Shauna, Magda, Maddie and Emily.


Committing to upcoming events:

On our Panther home page we have 3 events/meets advertised for you to commit to. It is VERY important to note that you must commit either to attend the event or not attend the event. As coaches we need to know your intentions for every event we have on the calendar. It is as simple as clicking yes or no. So please do not just do nothing!


Panther Kickoff Gala (September 12th)

This is the first event of the year and consists of a mini-swim meet, taco bar dinner and parent information night. Swimmers will have organized dodge ball and other games in the gym while parents meet upstairs.  Please commit to coming under the events tab on the home page.


Up coming meets:

Patana Tiger Prawns September 27th (8 and under only):

Great fun meet for our 8 and under swimmers to get their feet wet and practice the process of a swim meet in a non-competitive environment. The races are timed, but not scored.  Please sign up on our website under the swim meet tab.

See you on deck, 

Coach Day