CLUB NEWS, August 27, 2014

It appears that our August 27th Club News may not have arrived in your inbox as anticipated, so here it is again . . . our apologies if this is a duplicate! Your regularly scheduled weekly Club News, coming out on Wednesdays, will be in your inbox tomorrow.


With less than two weeks until KISU hits the water, here’s what’s happening:

1. Our Recruitment Drive continues . . . please continue to share the See Yourself Swimming video, and ensure that anyone who you refer to the club gives us your name for the “Refer a Friend” program. If you refer someone new to KISU Swim Club, and that person signs up and swims with us for the season, you will receive a $50 credit on your KISU account at the end of the season!  To qualify for this program, be sure to have your Referred Friend email to let us know that they have registered as a result of your referral.  We encourage you to refer as many people as you like, but please know that we will only be crediting one referral per family.  We have also created a Poster and are asking each family to print a copy and put it up somewhere where you think new swimmers might see it – your place of work, a local bulletin board, etc.  Although we encourage new swimmers in any of our training groups, it is our goal to increase our Mini Squad membership this season! 

2. Coaching staff is gearing up for the season and this includes making plans for club events.  The events, and swim meets, for the first portion of the season (September thru December) are posted under the Events section of the website and we encourage you to take a look!  Our first event is the Welcome BBQ on Friday, September 12thBe sure to sign up so that we know how many to expect – simply click on the “Attend/Decline” button next to the event itself to answer Yes, and be sure to include in the comments section the number of people from your family.  If you have more than one swimmer, please sign up your entire family under the eldest swimmer only.  Remember to log in to the site first!

3. We encourage you to get to know the club and the website!  There is a lot of information packed into our website, so be sure to check it out.  Everything from training times, group descriptions, SwimBC’s Long Term Athlete Development Model, club policies, and a whole lot more.  We want the website to be useful, so if you have suggestions on what else you’d like to see, please let us know (

See you on the 8th!