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The Following Hotel Suggestions are posted

Wildcat Aquatics Meet
Fishers Meet
NCSA December Meet

Email Sent April 2nd, 2014

Dear Parents,

I hope you all are as excited as I am to be getting back to work this week. It is always crazy times ending one season and starting the next one but overall I think we are ready to go. The Clippers are coming off a very strong season this winter. As a teamwe scored more points in our National rankings than ever before. Time drops came in huge numbers and overall we were a much stronger team by the end of the season than we were when the season started. Thanks to all of the parents and swimmers for their continuous support. We are simply the best team in town.

Going into the next season I want to make sure all families understand the future of booking hotels for away swim meets. As you may know, trying to book hotels for large numbers is very hard to do. We spend countless hours trying to book enough rooms for our team while trying to get the best rate we can. So many curves are thrown our way when doing this it would be almost impossible to explain them all. Some of these include:

1. Total number needed (IE – 84 kids qualified for JO’s; no one hotel will give us this many rooms without signing a contract and paying for rooms we don’t use)

2. Closeness to Venue – Chains will offer us big blocks but they tend to be hotels miles from the facility that are looking for business.

3. Everybody is different – Families on the team like different options and are willing to pay different amounts for rooms.

4. Contracts, Contracts, Contracts – Most hotels want big groups but then they don’t. They often want teams to sign a contract that require a % of rooms to be paid for or there is a penalty. Our program could not possibly afford such a situation.

5. Rewards Cards – We have a lot of traveling parents and they often have reward cards for different chains.

6. Parents in smaller numbers can and have found better deals than what most hotelsare willing to give big groups.

For these and many other reasons, we have come to the conclusion that it is best to change/set-up a policy on team hotels. Moving forward this summer we are going to do the following:

1. The Clippers, along with Marriott hotels* will supply a list of hotels in the vicinity of the venue we are swimming at. We will do our best to supply – distance from venue, price and phone number.

2. Parents can use this list to determine a hotel or they can choose another hotel of their liking  .

3. In the case of a team travel meet (a meet that coaches and staff have determined to be one that we want swimmers at the same hotel) the Clippers will take care of booking rooms. These meets include but not limited to -  meets we travel without parents, by bus or have team activities planned at the hotel after the meet.

4. All lists of hotels will be posted on the hotel page on the Clippers website. You must sign in to the website to see this page.


*Marriott is a sponsor of USA Swimming and has agreed to assist us in finding hotelsnear the facility. At times they may be able to give us a deal when booking.

I hope this helps everybody understand where we are going with hotel situations. We hope this will be a smoother process for future meets. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Coach Jason Roberts