Weekly News (Sept 8-13)

Hello Panthers,

We are now 4 sleeps away from our first Panther Swim Team party.  We have 130 swimmers committed to attending, 11 who have been given a pass for prior engagements, leaving 35 undeclared swimmers. These 35 swimmers need to declare one way or the other.

Important Notes:

Panther Kickoff Gala & Dinner September 12th (2:30 to 5:30)

Fun 50’s and 25’s swimming for all team members to kick off the year.

After the swimming events, we will have a taco bar set up for dinner.

All meals for swimmers are paid for by the team, meals for family members will be 200 baht per person.

 In order to have an accurate head count for the caterer, swimmers and family members must RSVP TODAY!!

Reserved tickets can be paid for and picked up at the CAO until 2:00 on Friday. After that time, reserved tickets can be paid for and picked up at the pool.

After the swimming and eating has come to a close, there will be a short swim team information session upstairs in the MPR. This will include how to use our website (aka swim team platform), basic swim team info and any questions you have. The swimmers will have dodge ball games set up downstairs to keep them busy after they eat.

Fall Semester Swim Meet Signup:

We have now loaded all of our travel swim meets for the fall semester. They can now be found under the swim meet tab on our homepage. Please sign up if you are interested. They are as follows:

Patana Tiger Prawn Meet (8 & under only) September 27th

We currently have thirty 8 and under swimmers going to this meet, which is by far the biggest group we have taken ever. But, there is still time to join. Remember this is a great fun meet for our 8 and under swimmers to get their feet wet and practice the process of a swim meet in a non-competitive environment. The races are timed, but not scored.  Please sign up on our website under the swim meet tab.

Jakarta International School Swim Invitational (November 7-9)

Competitive international meet with many of the top schools and club teams in Asia attending.

RBSC Invitational Swim Meet (Royal Bangkok Sports Club, November 29,30)

Competitive Thai Club swim meet, we are the only local International School invited and we enjoy the relationship we have with one our local clubs.

Schedule Changes:

September 18 (Teacher Professional Day)

Practices will be held in the AM

10 and under: 8:00am- 9:00am

11 and over: 9:00am-10:30am

September 19/20 ISB holiday and Activity Free Weekend

No training

Helpful hint of the week:

When emailing one of the coaches concerning your swimmer (for any reason), please state the swimmers full name and age group in the email. We have over 180 swimmers on our team and we cannot always know who the swimmer is just from their parents email. Many swimmers have nicknames and different names from their parents, so to make our reply easier please remember to add that information.  


That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day