Practice Starts Today / Gear Pick-up

The doors will open at 5:15 PM for evening practices. If you practice at 4:45 AM, please note that the doors will open at the swimmer entrance no earlier than 4:30 AM, and will be locked at 5:00 AM, so please don't be late.

A few friendly reminders:

Please make sure you have your parking pass displayed in your car if you park in Lot C. If you are not parking, but dropping off/picking up a swimmer, it must be done in Lot C. You may not drop off/pickup in front of the lobby.

Please make sure that your swimmer has a bag tag to enter the building for practice. All swimmers will need to enter and leave through the swimmer entrance next to Lot C. There is a GMU attendant at the door checking for bag tags.  Swimmers are not allowed to enter or exit from the upstairs lobby.

Parents with younger swimmers who need to escort them to the pool must purchase a bag tag ($10), which will allow you to enter/exit with them.  Coach Heather will have extra bag tags at every practice this week.

Lastly, if you wish to stay during practices, you will need to sit in the upstairs bleachers.  Parents are not allowed to stand downstairs in the hallway or on the pool deck.

Please remember that we are guests in this facility, and will need to following the GMU Aquatics and Fitness Center's policies and procedures at all times.

Coach Heather appreciates your understanding and cooperation.


Most of you have received your team gear, but if you have not, you may pick it up during one of the scheduled times below.  Coach Heather will be inside, in the hospitality room, which is located next to the swimmer entrance.

Monday, 9/8- 4:30 AM (ONLY FOR M/W/F 4:45 AM swimmers)
Monday, 9/8- 5:15-8:00 PM
Tuesday, 9/9- 5:15-7:00 PM
Wednesday, 9/10- 5:15-7:30 PM
Thursday, 9/11- NO GEAR SALES
Friday, 9/12- 5:15-6:30 PM

If you are missing any items, please see Coach Heather this week during practice. She has reordered youth sized t-shirts and a few team suits. Coach Heather will email you when they arrive.

Please note that coaches would like all swimmers to have their own pair of fins during practice. Swimmers may borrow fins, kick boards, and pull bouys from our large gray bins on the pool deck, or you may purchase them from Coach Heather during the times listed above. In addition to fins ($25), she will have paddles ($18), pull buoys ($10), kick boards ($10), snorkels ($40), and mesh equipment bags ($15) available for purchase.

Please see the Required Gear list in the Documents folder if you are unsure about what gear your swimmer needs.

Coach Heather will also have additional team gear (sweatshirts ($45), sweatpants ($25), long sleeve shirts ($25), backpacks ($65), etc.) on display and for purchase this week only. Starting the following week, if you would like to purchase team gear, you will need to email Coach Heather ahead of time, and she will schedule a day to deliver it to you at the pool.

We are looking forward to another AWESOME swim season.