Fall Meets Posted (Mini-Rays)
This fall's meet is are now posted on the team website. Below you will find information about the different types of meets and what is required of you. To view these meets log-in to your account and click the Event tab, you will then see a list of meets and other team events. Information will be posted for each event and may be updated as we get closer to that event.
SMSL Meets -  We want their first meet experience to be a positive one so we want to make sure they are ready. Mini-Ray parents will be contacted before each meet to let them know if we think your swimmer is ready to participate in a meet or not. Any swimmer that was a Mini-Ray in a previous season is welcome to attend any of the scheduled SMSL meets. For your swimmer to be entered into the meet you MUST sign them up via the team website!
To signup for a meet:
Log in and Click the events Tab
scroll to that meet and click Attend/Decline
Click the swimmer's name 
Select "Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for this event"
click save changes
Repeat for any additional members
Volunteer positions - As started previously, we can't run meets without your help. Each Family is required to provide at least 8 volunteer hours throughout the season. There will be opportunities besides meets but meets will some your first opportunities to help out.
To Volunteer for a meet SMSL or USA:
Log in and Click the events Tab
scroll to that meet and click Job Signup
Check the box next to the open position that you would like to sign up for
Click Signup 
a pop up will appear click sign up 
You should see your account name next to the position.