Meet Entry Tutorial

This tutorial is for our new members who are just joining and competing for Desert Thunder Aquatic Club for the first time this Short Course 2014-15 season. When you commit to enter your swimmer in a competition, the entire process is completed online. However, it is important to not refer to the process as "Online Meet Entry" as that is a different process designed and supported by USA Swimming. The meet entry process done with DTAC is different than "Online Meet Entry."

Announcement Of Meets

You will receive emails announcing the addition of a swim meet to DTAC's Events page. From the email you will be able to directly commit your swimmer to the meet. The website also automatically sends out a reminder 7 days prior to the online commitment deadline. You can always go to Events to see what meets are posted and actively accepting online commitments. However, you will want to go to Practice Schedules and find your swimmer's training group to see the entire season's list of meets through April of 2015. 

Meet Fliers

Meet fliers tell you most all the information you need to know about a swim meet. It will tell you location, schedule, rules, qualifications, maximum # of events, etc. It is important to remember, though, even as the meet flier has the meet director and referee's numbers or emails, those contacts are for the team representative, not parents. All meet entries are done through the team, and the team sends one entry file to the host team. You can find the meet flier by:

     1. Go to Events on DTAC's website,

     2. Click on the date and title of the meet you want to attend,

     3. Scroll to Forms/Documents,

     4. Click on the link that will take you to a Word or pdf format of the flier.

Committing Online to Attend a Meet

     1. Go to Events and click on the date and title of the meet you want to commit your swimmer to,

     2. Click the Attend/Decline button,

     3. In the commitment field you willl select "Yes, ____________ will participate..." When you do so, you will see a list of eligible events pop on your athlete's commitment page. Please communicate with your swimmer's coach on whether you or the coach will select events. 

     4. Be sure to hit SAVE in the bottom right corner. If you do not hit save, your swimmer will not be committed. Also, avoid using the arrows on your keyboard to navigate the page. Because the commitment page is still live, hitting the down arrow will change your commitment to "No..." and you may not realize it as you hit SAVE.

     5. It is a good idea to leave the Events page, and then return to it to make sure you see your swimmer is committed. Websites are not perfect. So, if somehow your swimmer's commitment did not hold, it's better to double-check BEFORE the online commitment deadline than after. Forgetting to hit SAVE is the most common error we find when conducting the online meet commitment.

Paying Your Meet Entry Fees

The meet flier will tell you how much the event is going to cost. Each meet has an athlete surcharge and a per event fee. These entry fees can range depending on what type of meet it is. NTS (No Time Standard) meets are usually the lowest fee. Championship and qualifying invitationals are usually the highest fees.

Entry fees are paid in one lump sum on the first day of the meet by Desert Thunder. Desert Thunder will then seek reimbursement from families by usually post-invoicing for the meet. For instance, at the upcoming Fall League #1, DTAC will pay the host team for entry fees on the first day of the meet. Then you will be invoiced via your online accounts for the meet entry fees on Sept 21st with the fees due to be paid by October 1st. Entry fees will always be due the 1st of the month after the first day of a meet. Sometimes, if a meet is landing on the 1st of a month, you may be billed online at the same time.

It is every account holder's responsibility to know what is due on their account or not. If the entry fees are not reimbursed on time late fees are added approximately 2 weeks after they were due.


For questions regarding meet participation and event selection, please contact your swimmer's coach directly. For questions regarding completing meet entries on the DTAC website, please contact Coach Bryan at [email protected] Any questions regarding your account and billing will go to Coach Scott at [email protected]