�Good� problem � is there any such thing?

All teams hope to build their “numbers” – It’s why we sign up our kids up for “team” sports as opposed to hiring individual coaches to work with our youth.  We want them to be part of something bigger than themselves.  We hope they meet others and learn to work together.  We seek camaraderie and friendships with others.   We understand that learning cooperation and working through adversity makes them stronger individuals.  We believe we share those same goals.

At SCAT we walk a fine line between growing our team to be bigger and stronger and still maintaining an environment where swimmers can thrive and train.   The “good news” is our numbers have met the threshold for our Silver, Gold and Senior team this year.  The “problem” is that means lanes may or may not have up to 7 - 9 swimmers.   As coaches, we know how to write workouts effectively to still train your swimmer.  The adversity presented is encouraging our swimmers to understand how to share space with others.  This is a universal issue among all large teams in the metro area.  It is the conversation coaches share while discussing the challenges of coaching.    We know the kids can do it, we just have teach them how to do it effectively and help them understand the benefits in the long run.

We are thrilled to have such interest in our sport, we are thrilled that our biggest struggle is “too many kids!”, we are thrilled that your kids are meeting so many others ; we are thrilled that we have the support of so many families; we are thrilled with our “good problem!”

To help manage our team; we have added extra pool time for our State and Sectional level Senior group, we have hired additional coaches in the last two years, we have increased our pool time (when Kedron allows it), we have added an off-site dryland training program for our Senior team.  We strive to break our main training groups into sub groups on different evenings to work different aspects of training.

This is how we handle it from a coaching perspective.   As coaches, we do not feel that our larger participation numbers is negative.  We do however recognize we have reached a threshold and want to be certain we can offer the best training we can.

For that reason, you will see some changes in our program after the bubble is installed.  We have capped our numbers for Silver, Gold and Senior as we did last year at this time.  We will no longer offer a Seasonal swim session at 5pm to allow more space for our year round swimmers.

We also know that when the high school swim season starts our attendance will shift a bit.  Once school gets into full swing and other activities start our attendance will shift.  The first month is always the biggest and most chaotic as the kids have new coaches, new lane mates and new workouts.    

We ask you to trust us and know that our goals are the same and we hope to create an environment that meets all swimmers needs.

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