CLUB NEWS, September 10, 2014

And we’re off!  Our 2014/15 season has begun and we are thrilled to see everyone in the pool and ready for an amazing season.  For those of you who are new to KISU, this our weekly CLUB NEWS Email.  It will arrive in your inbox each Wednesday and will usually contain a TO DO list, some relevant club/sport information, and a Parent Article.  This week, there is no parent article – they will begin next week.


Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.

John Dewey


Make a Friend:  New to KISU?  Introduce yourself to some other KISU parents!  A KISU veteran?  Introduce yourself to a new KISU face – we can all remember our first season with the club . . . it can be overwhelming at times to “figure out” what’s going on, so share your expertise with someone new . . . who knows, you might just make a friend in the process!

Sign up for the Welcome BBQ:  We are having our annual Welcome (Back) BBQ this Friday after practice at Lakawanna Park.  Plan to come with the family and reconnect with swim families that you may not have seen over the summer, and meet families that are new to the club!  We will also be selling KISU gear!  In order to know how much food to bring, we need you to SIGN UP.  Here’s how:

         Log into your account

         Find the Welcome BBQ event on the home page

         Click the Attend/Decline button

         Select YES from the drop down menu beside your swimmer’s name

         In the Comments section, indicate the number of people in your family who will be eating.

         Click Save Changes

Your account will be billed $5 per person, to a maximum of $20 per family. When you get to the BBQ, you will get a ticket for dinner.

Offer to Help at the BBQ:  We will need some Parent Helpers to assist with getting supplies to the park and setting up.   Please contact Anne ( if you can help.  We also need a parent to do the tickets.  Please contact Jill ( if you can help with this.  Thank you!

Get your KISU Gear:  Susan Koster is our equipment manager and is the person to contact about bathing suits, caps, goggles and the odd piece of “vintage” KISU apparel.  She can be reached at  You can also order equipment from Team Aquatic Supplies – visit the Equipment tab on the website for more information.

Continue to promote our Club: The SOEC is hosting a “Party on the Plaza” on Sunday 11-2:30. KISU will be there to help recruit some young people! We will have an information tent/table set up and are looking for swimmers to help out by wearing their KISU gear, handing out tattoos and cards, and promoting swimming.  Contact Kelly Caruso for more information at



Although coaches will go over this information with their swimmers, we believe it is also important for parents to be aware of the following at the outset of the season:

- When arriving for practice, swimmers should not go onto the deck until their coach is present

- Swimmers must shower before entering the water.

- Swimmers must stay in the designated practice areas of the pool (ie: do not use the waterslide or lazy river)

- Swimmers MAY be in the hot tub at the end of practice as long as they are with their coach – when the coach dismissed the swimmers from practice, they are not permitted to stay in the hot tub or other areas of the pool

- Swimmers must access the pool through the changerooms only.

- Swimmers and parents must remove their street shoes BEFORE stepping onto the pool deck. Clean deck/indoor shoes are the only substitute to bare feet.

- Food and refreshments (eg. Coffee, protein bars, fruit, juice) are not permitted in the changerooms or on the pool deck

Your assistance in reinforcing the above expectations with your swimmers is greatly appreciated not only by our coaches, but by the staff at the Community Centre.  Thank you!