IMPORTANT: Schedule Changes/Updates PLEASE READ!
I have a few important schedule changes for you. Please read and take appropriate action. 
Pinckney Meet - The meet scheduled for Tuesday 9/16 had to be rescheduled due to a conflict at their pool on that day. The meet will now be held on Tuesday 9/23 in Pinckney. As this is a different day, I have reset all the Stingray swimmers to attending, if they are not able to attend on the 23rd please follow the steps below. I DID NOT reset volunteer sign up, if you signed up to help on the 16th and can not help on the 23 please take yourself out so someone else can sign up in your place. 
To sign out of a meet:
Log in and Click the events Tab
scroll to that meet and click Attend/Decline
Click the swimmer's name 
Select "No, thanks, [swimmer] will not attend this event"
click save changes
Repeat for any additional members
Suit Fitting - We very recently found out that the suit we choose as our team suit for the season is back ordered, we would not be able to get the sizes we will need. For this reason our suit fitting scheduled for 9/12 will be rescheduled for 9/19 from 5-7 pm. Please excuse the delay as we choose a different suit. On a good note we will still be distributing the team shirts on Friday, we will have the team caps to hand out as well. 
Home Meet vs Chelsea - A time has been set for our first home meet vs Chelsea. As you know it will take place on Saturday, 10/25, swimmers should arrive at 10:45 am, the meet will start at noon. See link for more details.