REVISED: PVAC Practice for Mon., Sept. 15-Sat, Sept. 20

REVISED (9/15/14):  Practice days/locations are as follows:

Monday, 9/15:  PV High at 5:30pm:  GROUPS:  Green, Silver, Gold, Senior, Masters

Tuesday, 9/16:  PV High at 5:30pm:  GROUPS:  Green, Silver, Gold, Senior

**Wednesday, 9/17:  PV High at 6:00pm - 7:30pm: GROUPS:  Green, Silver, Gold, Senior

**Thursday, 9/18:  PV High at 5:30pm:  GROUPS:  Green, Silver, Gold, Senior 

**Friday, 9/19:  PV High at 5:30pm:  GROUPS:  Silver, Gold, Senior, Masters

Saturday, 9/20:  PV High at 7:30am:  GROUPS:  Silver, Gold, Senior, Masters

TEAM SUITS, PARKAS & other items:  H & H Ski & Swimsuit Outlet is our team supplier.  They are ready to help you order our 2014 team suits.  Please go to:  2772 Artesia Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA  (310) 793-9150.  Their hours are:  Monday (11am to 5pm), Tuesday-Saturday (11am to 6pm) and Sunday is (11am to 5pm).   Please go in to the store and place your order directly with them.

SAVE THE DATES:  The first swim meet that we will be participating in is October 11 & October 12.  The coaches will be handing out the swim meet flyers later this week. 

Have a great week!  See you on deck!