Team! Team! Team! Suits, T-shirts, and Group Photos

Team! Team! Team!    Suits, T-shirts, and Photos

Team Suits – Try on for size!  If you would like to order a SCAT team suit but don’t know how the sizing works – Coach Cathy will have suits available Wed 9/17 & Thur 9/18 from 4 – 5:30 pm.  All ordering is handled online through the A3 link on our website.

Team T-shirts – Check with your coach Thursday at practice – they will be handing t-shirts out – Please make sure you write your name on the tag of your shirt!!  We ask that your swimmer keep them close be as they will need to wear them on Monday to practice for the team photos!

Team Photos – Coach Jamey has hired Leticia Andrade to take our team photo Monday 9/22 at practice – Please wear your Team Tshirt!!  Don’t be late – we need to be swift getting the kids organized so they will still have time to get in the pool for practice! 

{C} ·        Bronze - 3:30

{C} ·        Silver – 4:15

{C} ·        Gold – 5:30

{C} ·        Seniors – 5:00

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