Reminders from Mako Admin 9/18/2014

The entry deadlines for the first meets are right around the corner, so please take a moment to check your account and your swimmer's or swimmers' information.

Please make sure that you can login to the Mako website, since you have to login to enter your swimmer or swimmers in the meets.  Please contact if you need us to resend your login instructions.

Once you login, please go to My Account / My Account to make sure that you have verified your email address, and to please provide and verify your cell phone number(s).  Remember that you can enter additional email addresses for your account yourself, and only you can perform the email address and SMS (cell phone) verification.  When you select an email address and press the Verify button, you will receive an email with a link to the verification page.  When you select a SMS (cell phone) number and press the Verify button, you will receive a text message with a 5 digit code to enter into the pop-up window.  The Team Unify system will not send text messages to unverified SMS numbers, so please make sure you verify those numbers if you want to receive emergency updates like pool closures or changes to a meet's schedule or location.

After verifying your email address(es) and cell phone number(s), please verify your swimmer's or swimmers' information.  Make sure that we have the correct birthdate, legal first name, middle initial, and last name.  USA Swimming uses the birth date, first three characters of the given name, middle initial if there is one, and first four characters of your swimmer's last name in the USA Swimming ID.  Please send any changes to, since the system doesn't allow you to change those values.  You can change your mailing address if you find any errors there.  We will be sending in the first batch of registrations on Monday, so please verify your swimmer's information before then.

If you are new to using the Team Unify online entry system, please read the "How to Enter Swim Meets" document in our Documents folder or check the tutorial under the My Account / My Tutorials.  Remember that you and your swimmer get to select your swimmer's events, and you can contact your swimmer's coach if you want suggestions about which events your swimmer should enter.

If your swimmer competed for another USA Swimming club last year, please take a moment to also go to the PVS web site to complete the transfer form.  See the FAQ for additional instructions on filling in the transfer form.  If you have just joined the Makos and your swimmer has USA Swimming recognized times, please send a screenshot from the USA Swimming Times search with your swimmer's best times to, so we can add them to our database.  Remember, summer league times are not official USA Swimming times.

We will post the volunteer sign-up sheets for the Mako Fall Invitational next week, and there will be two separate sign-up sheets.  The first sheet will be attached to the event, and you will use that to sign up to volunteer during the meet as a marshal, timer, selling meet sheets and gear, etc.  The second sign-up sheet will be for food and drink donations we need in our hospitality suite for the coaches, officials and volunteers during the meet.  As per Coach Heather's email and encouragement from some of our coaches / officials, we urge you to consider becoming a PVS certified official for Stroke and Turn or the other positions, and to contact Ken Anderson for more information.

Remember to check the FAQ if you have questions, but do feel free to contact us if you don't find the answer in the FAQ.  If you need to reach your swimmer's coach, please use their email address shown next to their photo on the Coaches page.  While you really shouldn't bother the coaches when they are on deck during practice, feel free to ask Cathy (aka Mako Admin) questions if you see her in the bleachers on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Look for her with her laptop and sitting near the doors from 5:30 to 7:00.