2014 USA Diving election results from Annual Meeting

2014 USA Diving election results

Following are the results of the election conducted during the General Assembly at the annual meeting in Jacksonville, Fla., on September 19.

Board of Directors:
Coach Member – John Proctor
Independent Director – Stephen Starks (voted on by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly)

Rules Committee:
Chair – Hunter Shafer
Zone A- Aaron Hintz
Zone B – Camille Akridge
Zone C – Sean McCarthy
Zone D – Susan Bromberg
Zone E – Yahya Radman
Zone F- Daniel Rosendahl
Administrative – Anneliese Tuymer

Junior Rules Subcommittee:
Chair- Jack Perkins
Zone A- Doe Krug
Zone B – Krista Klein
Zone C- Don Mason
Zone D- Todd Hill
Zone E- CJ Hardy
Zone F- Lia Fusaro

At-large Coach Member – Matt Scoggin
International Diving Representative – Megan Neyer

CCE Senior Diving Subcommittee:
Chair- Julian Krug
Senior Diving At-Large – Abel Sanchez

CCE Junior Diving Subcommittee:
Chair – Sean McCarthy
Junior Diving At-Large – Luke Bagnaschi

Chair – Jared Book
Zone A- Wes Mattice
Zone B- Sally Hansell
Zone C – Eric Best
Zone D- Susan Bromberg
Zone E – CJ Hardy
Zone F – Daniel Rosendahl

Finance & Audit Committee:
Coach Member – Jack Perkins

Member Services/ Grassroots Committee:
Chair – Kevin Rockhill
At-large – Zach Hawley

Tom Gompf
Steve McFarland
Bill Walker