Puerto Rican Swimming Federation Reaffiliates to Olympic Committee




CCCAN congratulates the Puerto Rico Swimming Federation (FPN) on being re-admitted to the Puerto Rico National Olympic Committee after several months of suspension. We are pleased that, as a result, its competitors will now be able to participate in the CAC Games Veracruz 2014 and in future events of the Olympic movement. We wish the Puerto Rico Swimming Federation success under the new leadership of Morgan Toro and his new Executive.


CCCAN looks forward to continue to assist its national federation for the benefit of its competitors and the development of the aquatic sports in our region.


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Last night, by unanimous decision, the delegates of thePuerto Rico Olympic Committee approved the re affiliations of the Puerto Rican Swimming Federation.
I am including the link of a local news paper so you can read de news.
Thanks for your supports during this process.
Morgan Toro
Federación Puertorriqueña de Natación

In a unanimous vote, the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Copur) decided to reinstate the agency to the Puerto Rican Swimming Federation (FPN).

As established in the regulation Copur the FPN shall primarily delegate Morgan Toro. While Andres Solivan act as alternate delegate.

"Yesterday (Wednesday) at the Executive Committee saw the application for membership they did in March. The Committee gave its approval, "said Sara Rosario, president of Copur.

"The vote was unanimous by the plenary, delegates departing President Toro Morgan and Andrew Solivan alternate delegate, as established by the rules of the Olympic Committee," said Rosario.

The FPN was out of Copur in 2013 amid disputes arising the prior year that were not resolved immediately.

Rosario said in a press release that is very satisfied and pleased with the decision, as they benefit all who make up the federal agency.

"All this time we have been in support for athletes, even though he was not affiliated. It was a difficult time exceeding that positively benefits everyone, "he added.

"We turn the page on this bitter process. It gives tranquility to athletes and all who work in our five disciplines, "said Toro, meanwhile.

The president of the FPN said that it was a difficult process and "great lesson for everyone."

The FPN serves the disciplines of swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo and open water.

The selections for each event will be certified by the Department of High Performance October 14 to participate in the XXII Central American and Caribbean to be held from 14 to 30 November in Veracruz 2014 Games, added Copur.

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