Weekly News (Oct 6th - 12th)

Hello Panthers,

It’s Palooooooza time! This week will be exciting as we get our first taste of race like conditions. Both Tuesday and Wednesday will be set up just like our home meets and we will be looking for the same level of focus and determination from our swimmers, while still having a great time doing it.

Important Notes:

Schedule Changes:

Tuesday October 7 (Panter Palooza) starts at 1:30 because of early release day.

October break: We will have 3 practices during the break for those not going away on holiday. Please sign up by clicking on this link.

Palooza Details

Senior and Junior Panther Palooza (intra squad meet)

Junior (10&under) is on Tuesday, October 7 at 1:30 (early release day) **Seniors have no practice but will timing and officiating the Juniors**.

Please be on deck and ready for your warm up at 1:30.

You will receive your team T-shirts on this day.


Senior (11&over) is on Wednesday, October 8 at 2:30  **Junior’s have no practice**

Please be on deck and ready for your warm up at 2:30

You will receive your team T-shirts on this day.

Meet signups available:

Jakarta International School Swim Invitational (November 7-9)

This is the last chance to join this travel meet. If we have no more sign ups, there will be no coach travelling with the swimmers. Please if you have any interest please contact me for more information.

ISB Swimfest (November 15/16)

RBSC Invitational Swim Meet (Royal Bangkok Sports Club, November 29,30)

ISB Panther’s Swimmer of the Month:

This season we are going to add a little spice to our already amazing incentive program. Each month the coaches will choose one swimmer from their squad who has been a standout team member that month. This will be based on all that makes you a good team member. Attendance, effort, performance, improvement, teamwork and anything else the coaches see that month.

Here are our first ever swimmer of the month award winners:

8 & Under

Coach Gai: Yanin Jurangkool

“Yanin has showed incredible improvement from the beginning of this year, he has shown results that have the 8 and under coaches moving him up two groups to coach Golf’s group. Well done Yanin”

Coach Noey: Neeranara Chan (Nani).

“She never came late to practice. She is a good listener, doing what the coaches tell her to do. She always put great effort in practice and never complains about anything. She also got new PB's in all four strokes at the Tiger Prawns Swim Meet”. 

Coach Golf: Jazzy Chie 

“Jazzy is a swimmer of the month in my squad because she come to practice 3 days per week she and asks me about the technic for swimming every time. Sometime I have some swimmers not paying attention to me she will tell them listen.
During her first swim meet for us she swam 100IM 1:49s and 25Fr 19s
and then the second swim meet she still improve in 25Fr her time is 18s she have a PB in 2 weeks after the first meet
Great to have her on our team”

9/10 Squad (Coach Nok and Nuk): Shannen Xuan En Soon.
“Shannen is an extra ordinary swimmer. She 's promoted to the advanced 9/10 sub-group. The coach's never heard even one complaint even though the workouts are much harder than they usually were for her. The effort she puts in really pays off! Her time, endurance and techniques keep improving. She can get along well with the teammates. Big smile is what you always see on her face no matter how challenging the sets are. Just love her attitude toward swimming!!! Keep trying Shannen”.

11/12 Squad (Coach Nuk and Noey): Jordan Nahmias

“Jordon has been working hard since the beginning of this semester. His attitude and mentality about swimming are awesome. He is the only 11-12 yrs swimmer that completed our first 10 x 100 Free test set. Great job and keep up this great work”.

13/14 Squad (Coach Nok and Gai): Ben Laidlaw.
“Ben is a well disciplined swimmer. He joined the swim team last year. Since then, we've seen his improvement quite obviously in many skills.  His swimming techniques are improved a lot. He works hard in the pool, listens carefully to the coaches. He 's the favorite among  the teammates and the coaches. The coaches enjoy to have him on the team a lot. Keep working hard Ben”!!

High School (Coach Day and Golf): Anders Brekke

“Anders had big shoes to fill this year. He is the younger brother of last years Varsity Team Captain, but that has not slowed him down a bit. He has come out of the gate swinging for the fenses. He has perfect attendance this year and has been a leader both in and out of the pool for the 9 freshman swimmers we have this season. We believe that the freshman are swimming as well as they are because they have a swimmer like Anders to look up to. If one of those freshman is next months swimmer of the month, it will be due in part to how well Anders has lead them”

That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day