Please Verify Your Contact Information

We really need each parent to take a moment to login to the website.  If you can login, then we know that your email address is valid, and we know that you will get reminders for meet entry dealines and other important information.  Please also remember that you have to login if you want to enter your swimmer into the meets.

If you can't login, please email, so that we can help you login.

In addition to logging in, please take a moment to select your email address and click on the "Verify" button if you haven't done so yet.  go to "My Account"/"My Account" to see your information.  Please also remember that the communication system uses the SMS number shown at the top of the Account Info page.  The system does not use the cell phone in the "Billing Infomation" sub tab.  Click the "Add SMS" button if you need to add your cell phone there, and then click on the "Verify" button to get a five didgit code sent to your phone.

Thank You.