This Week at Orinda Aquatics - Oct. 6

Regular Workouts: Monday thru Friday;  This Sat AM: Sr group - 7:15-9:00; dryland 9:00-9:30; Jr group: 9:00-10:30; no dryland.

Jr group dryland: Tuesday - Jr3 all; Jr2 8th grade. Thursday - Jr3 all; Jr2 7th grade.

[Workout Schedule].  

Practice Equipment - all swimmers need to the follow equipment: Sr groupr - fins, paddles & snorkel; Jr 2/3 - fins & paddles; Jr 1 - fins.  

Caps/Shirts/Mesh Bags - If you have not received your caps(2), team shirts and mesh bags, check in with your coaches.

Swim Suits:  We will be ordering the swim suits soon.  There was a style change to the womens suit.  Be sure your swim suit size is correct (log into your account). Once ordered, we can't change!  Boys - if you would like a jammer style suit; email coach Matt.

Team Buddies Word Search Winners -  Congratulations to Katie Erickson (sr)/Daniela Moroz (jr) - 20 words on the word search!  Our 2nd place finishers (18 words): Laurel Weikert/Ashley Larson & Rishabh Roy/Gunnar Davison/Jeromy Chang.  If you don't know your buddy, check in with Coach Kevin.

New Time Standards - Pacific Swimming voted to adopt the National Motivational times for age group time standards [Go to National Motivational Time Standards]. Beginning with SC Far Westerns and moving into Summer JO's and FW's, the new FW standard will the the national  "AAA" time and the new JO standard will be the national "AA" time. (Pacific will continue to use the old Pacific Standard for 8&un swimmers).

New Swimmer Registration: If you have any questions about the registration process, contact Sharon Lee:

OAPB Meet a Success: Thank you Renee Owyoung, meet director, Linda O'Brien, parent coordinator, and all of our major meet coordinators for a great weekend of swimming.  Orinda Aquatic Parents - You Rock!. Thanks to your commitment and generous donations, we host the most successful, efficient and well run meets in zone 2. We could not do it without you!

It was also great to see a few new faces training for stroke and turn postions as well!  Big Thanks to ALL!


Upcoming Meets:

AIA CBA+, October 18&19, at the Soda Aquatic Center: All swimmers should enter. 

Coming Nov. 1: Orinda Aquatics Fall Jamboree, Saturday Nov. 1@ Soda Center: Information is coming out soon.Do not enter the WCAB meet on this weekend!


Outside the Black Line:

Education/Article: Good Read:    "10 Lessons You Learn From Swimming" 

Parent Committee News: Thank you again to those families who have joined the Parent Committee by signing up for a non host meet job!  We have listened to your input and have added a few more opportunities that have flexibility which will hopefully appeal to those that work outside the home. Our hope is to catch the few remaining families so we are resending the Jobs sign up link (you can sign up from your iphone if you download the google doc app).  

[ Orinda Aquatics Committee Jobs Sign-Ups] Parental involvement with Orinda Aquatics will continue to add tremendous value to our children and the program. Please feel free to contact Barb Weikert at with questions or ideas. Thank You!


Fundraising w/Escrip: Make sure you register with eScrip.

Safeway shoppers: Renew your Safeway card with eScrip:  go to and click the red check renewal icon. Pay with check, cash, debit, or gift card!

Diablo Foods or Lunardi’s shoppers: Use a registered credit card on file with eScrip:  go to

Shop at eScrip merchants:

Questions? Email Catja McDonald at


We are looking for Officials:  No experienced required, just a willingness to volunteer and an eagerness to learn. Officiating has it rewards, reserved parking, hospitality and an opportunity to meet a great group of people.  Work only meets that your swimmers attend.

Zone 2 requires each team to provide officials at meets.  We need new officials, especially within the Junior Group.  If this is an area of interest and you can provide help, contact Holly Taifer, she will get you started:

Volunteer Opportunity: Sea Serpents Special Olympics Swim Program are looking for volunteers for their fall program; at Soda Aquatic Center.  Contact Brian Wentzel at