CLUB NEWS, October 7, 2014

Always do your best.  What you plan now, you will harvest later. – Og Mandino


Turkey Time Trial: Our first club time trial of the season is this Saturday. Deadline to sign up was yesterday.  If you missed it, email Tina as she just might get you in!  Late registration fee applies.

Help out at the Time Trial:  Although not as big as a swim meet, Time Trials still require the help of volunteer parents!  We need timers as well as people to help with set up, clean up, and the electronics.  This is a great opportunity to learn!  It is also our “dry run” for next weekend’s BIG event.  Please sign up to help out.  And if your kids aren't swimming . . . bring them to cheer on their team mates!

Sign up to Volunteer at our Home Meet: We still need a LOT of volunteer help for our home meet, which is one of our big fundraisers for the club.  Even if your kids aren’t swimming, we could use your help – no experience necessary.  If you do have swimmers in the meet, you are required to provide one adult volunteer per session, as per our Volunteer policy.  Families who meet this volunteer requirement will receive a discount on their meet fees.  It’s a busy and FUN weekend – we are looking forward to training some new parents, and catching up with others who we haven’t seen since last season.

Sign Up for the Vernon Meet and Jamboree:  The information is posted for the Vernon meet and Jamboree taking place on the November 7th weekend.  You will also find information about booking a hotel room posted with the meet information.  There are FINALS on Saturday evening . . . the first finals session of the season.  KISU always has some fabulous swims at the Vernon pool, so plan to attend!

Complete your Swimming Canada registration:  If you haven’t already done so, please ensure that you respond to the email sent to you from Swimming Canada by following the link and completing your swimmer’s registration with our National and Provincial Sporting Organizations.  Did You Know?  When you see the abbreviation SNC, it stands for Swimming/Natation Canada . . . our national governing body for the sport.

Get your spot for Fundraising for the Kamloops Team Travel Meet in December, and the Big Bus Meet in the Spring:  There are three fundraising opportunities available . . . two parking lot attendant nights, and one Grocery Bag Fundraiser.  Check It out and sign up using the Job Sign Up button.  This is a great opportunity for your swimmer to be able to do some work to offset these costs!



Last week our SHORT COURSE records were attached . . . this week you will find our LONG COURSE records.  Again, please take a look, and let us know if we need to make changes before the final draft appears on the wall.





Going to a swim meet for the first time can be a little overwhelming, so the following are a few tips to make it easier.

What to bring:

  • Swim suit
  • Goggles
  • KISU swim cap
  • 2 or 3 big towels, you will need at least one during the meet to dry off after each race and then another one at the end of the day
  • KISU T-shirt, and other warm up gear (sweat pants, sweat shirt, etc)
  • Deck shoes
  • Between race activities (books, games, etc.)
  • Wholesome food
  • Water bottle

What to expect

Unless you are there very early, when you first walk into the pool, expect to see CHAOS!!!!   To the newcomer, it appears much worse than it is.

What to do – Find your coach.

First thing to do is, find your coach.  Although they have some running around to do, coaches try to be on the deck.  If you don’t see them right away - don’t panic - just keep looking around.

Meet Information

Meet information will be posted on the KISU website.  You can also find information on the Swimming Canada website under the Events tab.


If you need to scratch (be deleted from) from any event, you must talk to your coach immediately.  If you need to scratch from an entire day, please contact your coach (by cell phone if it is on the day of the meet), then we will be able to follow the proper procedure and alter the relays if necessary. 

Warm ups – Be on time for Warm ups!!

Warm ups will be very exciting as our whole team will be swimming in one lane (often warm ups are divided so 10&U swimmers swim at a different time from the 11&O swimmers).  It can be very crowded.  Remember your lane etiquette of swimming up on the right side of the lane.  Try not to stop unless you are supposed to (if you stop, then the person behind you stops, and the person behind them stops.  It becomes a big traffic jam).  Your coach will tell you what to swim for warm ups.  After a few meet warm ups, the rough and tumble Ironman swim will look easy.

KISU Cheers

After warm ups, we do our team cheers.  KISU has a great repertoire of cheers.  If you don’t know all the words, do your best.  You will learn them in time.

Finding out when you swim

There will be meet programs (Heat Sheets) for sale somewhere at the pool (you don’t have to buy one, but the coaches have only one copy for the whole team).  The program will tell you when and where you will be swimming.  The times are only approximate so don’t count on them.  Memorize or write on your hand/arm, which event, heat and lane you will be swimming in.  Watch the events closely and head up a couple of heats before you swim.

Before your race

Before your race be sure to talk to your coach.  He or she may have some extra pointers to tell you and will want to wish you good luck.

KISU Sportsmanship

KISU takes special pride in our sportsmanship.  At the end of your race be sure to congratulate the swimmers in the lanes beside you.  Whether they are faster or slower than you, without them, swimming would not be nearly as exciting.  Also be sure to thank the timers for your lane.  Without their volunteer time, this meet and your race would not be possible.

After your race

After your race, be sure to talk to your coach.  He or she will want to share in your success and perhaps have some pointers to make you faster next time.


  • Help your child set reasonable goals.  At your child’s first swim meet, the priority is that they have fun and enjoy the thrill of competition.  If we accomplish this, then we have set the stage for unlimited improvement.
  • Cheer for your own child, but cheer equally enthusiastically for other KISU children.  Sometimes it can be embarrassing for a child to have a parent wildly cheering for them, but it is never embarrassing to have your parent cheer for other children.  Take an interest in the team.
  • Dress for a hot, humid pool.  Some pools have great ventilation systems and will keep the spectator area quite comfortable, other pools, however do not . . .
  • Bring a book.  There can be quite a bit of time between races.  You may want some reading material or something to keep yourself busy.  You may also want to bring a lawn chair – not all pools have bleacher seating.
  • You may want to bring a small cooler with some food. Your swimmer may not be hungry after every race, but having nutritious snacks available to them is a good idea. Often there is a small concession stand at swim meets.
  • At our home invitational meet, all KISU parents will be expected to help out.