Discover 1 & 2 Changes for Winter Session

We will be introducing a new format for both Discover 1 and Discover 2 for the upcoming Winter Session, starting January 5, 2015.  Coaches Ariel and Brad have reviewed the Discover program and are making improvements to increase skill acquisition and basic skill mastery at a young age.   

Swimmers in Discover 1 will be encouraged to train at least two times a week with the option of training a third session each week.  Discover 2 swimmers should be hitting the water up to three times a week under this new format , with the opportunity for a fourth day when they’re ready.  Swimmers will be much more prepared for making the jump from Discover 1 to Discover 2 and subsequently Discover 2 to Dream 1 under the new format.  This will enhance the level of training and racing at each of the training groups within the swim team.  

Swimmers will be given the option of training Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Monday, Tuesday and Thursday when registering for the Winter Session.  We will still remain flexible so please contact us if you have any questions.  There will be room for swimmers to attend once a week but we will ideally be seeing swimmers in the water more regularly.