Memorial Service for Aly Fell

There will be a memorial service for Aly Fell on Friday, August 14th, at 1pm, Cornwall Church, 4518 Northwest Avenue in Bellingham.  

To swimmers planning to attend Aly's memorial service at Cornwall Church, 4518 Northwest Avenue, please bring a plate of finger food with 3 dozen pieces, savory or sweet, on a disposable plate or tray (Aly loved brownies).   There will be church staff available at the main entrance to receive the plates of food.  There will also be a seating area reserved especially for BBST, be sure to look (or ask) for it.  The church would like to know, Thursday, how many swimmers and their family members are planning to attend.  They would also like to know how many plates of food to plan on (the more BBST families provide the less Aly's family will need to buy).  Please email Julie Maurer and let her know:
 - if you will be attending
 - how many of your family members will be attending with you
 - if you will bring a platter of 3 dozen finger food items on a disposable plate or tray