NAC Masters and Tri: Program Updates!

Nashville Aquatic Club Masters (NASH) has been expanding tremendously over the past 4 years!  We now have approximately 200 members on our roster, including numerous competitive swimmers, triathletes, open water competitors, fitness swimmers, and even beginning swimmers.   We continue to grow at a steady pace, and we thought we might share some of the exciting new features we have inserted into our program.

We are proud to offer numerous practices (see our schedule here) with varying emphases to accommodate the wide range of interests and abilities of our swimmers.   Each day’s workouts contain a different emphasis, although the one constant is proper stroke technique.  We also employ many extra tools, such as GoSwim videos to provide a common technique focus throughout each week and on-deck videography to improve stroke analysis discussions between coaches and swimmers.   For open water enthusiasts and triathletes, we offer “brick” (stationary biking and swimming combination) workouts, innovative open water practices in the pool (with buoys and no lane ropes), and open water swims at a nearby lake.  While our home facility is excellent for training, it is even better for competitions.  We have state of the art starting blocks, lane-lines, and a professional meet staff that have allowed us to run two successful swim meets a year for the past four years.

With all of those technical details out of the way, it’s important to know that we haven’t forgotten how to have fun!  The coaches absolutely encourage swimmers to work out with great effort and get the most out of each practices - always easier with teammates - but also to enjoy the experience every time they are in the water.  Additionally, we have a “joke of the week” provided by a talented coach at Wednesday morning practices, monthly organized team socials, frequent informal post-workout coffee gatherings, and awesome team apparel offerings!

You’ll find us easy to connect with, as we emphasize good communication with weekly newsletters e-mailed to the team and an up-to-date website and Facebook page with lots of photos of all of the above-mentioned activities!

Finally, the 2015 NAC Masters Long Course Spring Chicken Classic will be held on weekend of June 20th and 21st, in Nashville, TN, at the Tracy Caulkins’ Centennial Sportsplex Pool.  Saturday afternoon’s session will include longer events, while the bulk of the events will be offered on Sunday.  As always, we promise a FAST and FUN swim meet.  The meet invitation and registration will be online shortly, but feel free to e-mail the meet director, Chris McPherson, @ [email protected] with any questions before then!

NAC Masters and Tri is committed to NAC’s vision of bringing our tradition of excellence to people of all ages across Middle Tennessee!

For questions concerning NAC Masters (6:30-7:30am & 8:30-9:30am, Saturday mornings), please contact Chris McPherson – [email protected]  For questions concerning NAC Tri (5-6:30am, Sunday afternoon) please contact Ashley Whitney – [email protected]

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