Bellingham Bay Marathon Volunteers - Thank You!

From:  Aaron Hakeman, Race Director 

I just wanted to thank you for volunteering to make the Bellingham Bay Marathon/Half-Marathon/5K Run happen.  Without you, we would not have a race!  I have received a number of comments from participants in the race over the last two years.  Most of these comments are positive and the ones that are not, usually center around one aspect of the race or another (course, awards, etc.)

I have never received a negative comment about our volunteers.  Not once.  Many of them tell me stories of individuals who go out of their way to do something extra to make a single runners race more enjoyable.  Whether it is chasing a runner who missed grabbing a water cup at water station with a water cup or just cheering them on, people remember those things, and they tell their friends and other runners. 

We on the board have attempted and will continue to try to create an event that people want to come to.  What keeps the runners/walkers coming back, is how we make them feel while they are here.   The more that come, the higher return we will have for BBST and the Rangers.  It takes an enormous effort to put on a race for 1500 participants, but not much more effort is needed to put on the same race for 2500.  With your enthusiasm and effort we can build this into the fall “Ski to Sea” for Bellingham and Whatcom County .

If anyone has any suggestions on how we can improve what we do, please email me and I will bring it to the board for discussion.  The marathon board works for both BBST and the Rangers, allowing the boards of each organization to do the work that needs to be done to run their club.  We are always looking for help, as there is always much to do.

We could not put on the race without our sponsors.  Please tell them that you appreciate the fact that they support the marathon.  Without feedback from the community, they may not feel it is important to continue to support us.

I have enjoyed the challenge of being the race director for the last two years.  It is time me to step back a little and give someone else a chance.  I will continue to serve on the marathon board, and will assume the position of marathon liaison for BBST.  Thank you, again.    

Aaron Hakeman