Hein Crowned National Champion on Day 3 of the YMCA National Championships

Hein Crowned National Champion on Day 3 of the YMCA National Championships

         On Day 3 of the YMCA National Championships, Daniel Hein become the 4th swimmer in DCST history to win a National Title.  In the preliminary session of the Men’s 100 yard Backstroke, Daniel dropped 0.2 seconds from his previous best time, and he was seeded first by just 0.02 seconds.  In finals, Daniel dropped another 0.8 seconds to out distance the field by half a second.  Prior to tonight, 3 former DCST swimmers had won National Titles a total of 10 times, but Daniel is the first one to win a National Title at the Short Course National Championships.  This was the third time this week Daniel has been named a National All-American.  He has now achieved this feat 25 times in his career which is good for a tie for 3rd place on DCST’s All-Time list with Caitlynn Moon.  His time was also good for a new DCST team record.

         Athena Ye earned National All-American honors for the 2nd time in her career with her impressive 0.4 second time drop in the Women’s 100 yard Backstroke.  She finished in 16th place and set a new DCST Team Record.  At age 13, Athena was the youngest swimmer out of the top 40 placing swimmers in this event.  Jacob Bjork continued to excel this week when he went 0.9 seconds under his career best in the 200 yard Freestyle.  In time trials, for the second consecutive day, Aleida Wilkins and Michael Carlson swam extremely well.  Aledia had a personal best in the 100 yard Backstroke by 1.3, and Michael had a personal best in the 50 yard Freestyle by 0.6 seconds.

DCST Results Day 3 (April 1)        

Women’s 100 yard Backstroke

         Athena Ye
                 Prelims – 56.07 (16th) – New DCST Team Record
                 Finals – 56.40 (16th) – National All-American
         Sarah Hein – 58.65 (75th)
         Kylie Olson – 59.52 (97th)

Men’s 100 yard Backstroke

         Daniel Hein
                 Prelims – 48.53 (1st)
                 Finals – 47.79 (1st) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record

Men’s 200 yard Freestyle

         Jacob Bjork – 1:44.13 (63rd)

Women’s 400 yard Medley Relay

         Kylie Olson, Aleida Wilkins, Sarah Hein, Athena Ye – 4:01.43 (50th)

Men’s 400 yard Medley Relay

         Riley Lohse, Jacob Bjork, Daniel Hein, Michael Carlson – 3:31.63 (25th)

Time Trials

         100 yard Backstroke
                 Aleida Wilkins – 1:04.45
                 Riley Lohse – 57.97

         200 yard Freestyle
                 Austin Bockman – 1:49.17

50 yard Freestyle
                 Michael Carlson – 22.47
                 Holden Mackey – 22.94