Bjork and Hein Set DCST Team Records on Day 4 of the YMCA National Championships

Bjork and Hein Set DCST Team Records on Day 4 of the YMCA National Championships

         In the preliminary session of the Men’s 100 yard Breaststroke, Jacob Bjork went a 58.28 which was just 0.07 seconds off his personal best.  He finished tied for 24th which got him into a swim-off.  Thirty minutes later in the swim-off, Jacob made the most of his second chance by going a 57.48 or 0.8 seconds faster than his first swim.  His second swim broke the previous DCST team record by 0.7 seconds.  In his first swim, his lead-off split of 27.55 broke the team record in the 50 yard Breaststroke.

         Daniel Hein set his 5th team record of the meet, so far, when he lead off DCST’s Men’s 800 Freestyle Relay with a 200 yard Freestyle split of 1:41.11.  This time was 2.2 seconds under his personal best which was the previous team record.  Hein and Bjork were joined by Michael Carlson and Holden Mackey for a nice 2 second time improvement in the Men’s 200 yard Medley Relay.  In time trials, Mackey had another great swim when he dropped 1.6 seconds in the 100 yard Backstroke.

DCST Results Day 4 (April 2)

Women’s 200 yard Medley Relay

         Kylie Olson, Aleida Wilkins, Sarah Hein, Athena Ye – 1:50.68 (49th)

Men’s 200 yard Medley Relay

         Daniel Hein, Jacob Bjork, Michael Carlson, Holden Mackey – 1:36.83 (26th)

Men’s 100 yard Breaststroke

         Jacob Bjork
                 Prelims – 58.28 (Tied 24th) – Lead-off 50 yard split of 27.55 was a New DCST Team Record
                 Swim-off – 57.48 (2nd) - New DCST Team Record

Men’s 800 yard Freestyle Relay

         Daniel Hein, Michael Carlson, Austin Bockman, Jacob Bjork – 7:06.31 (33rd)
         Daniel’s 200 yard Freestyle lead-off split of 1:41.11 was a new DCST Team Record

Time Trials

         100 yard Breaststroke
                 Aleida Wilkins – 1:08.44
                 Kylie Olson – 1:15.20

         50 yard Freestyle
                 Riley Lohse – 23.79

100 yard Backstroke
                 Holden Mackey – 57.63

500 yard Freestyle
                 Austin Bockman – 4:55.44