Ashley Kim Update

Ashley Kim Update

                This past Sunday, the Lohse Family went to see Ashley in Madison. Listed below is a report of their visit.
Ashley is doing well. They took her trach out on Sunday morning. She was a little nervous according to her mom. They hadn't planned on doing it that Sunday, but she has been doing so well without using it they decided to get rid of it. Ashley is able to speak which makes visits easier and less frustrating for her. She is eating normal food now (if you can call hospital food normal), although she doesn't have much of an appetite. They moved her to a general room on Sunday. Ashley’s mom and dad are making final decisions as to where Ashley will be going for future rehab. They think she will be in Madison for about two more weeks, and then she will be able to move to a rehab hospital. It looks like she will be in Oak Brook at the Shriners Hospital. She does have a fisur as the care pages state, and they will be watching it for the next couple of months. The hope it will close on its own. It was good to hear her voice this time although she was a bit on the quite side for Ashley. I am sure by next week when we see her she will be rediscovering her voice more. She is sitting in a chair daily and working hard in her OT. The school has sent her studies to the hospital and she works on them as part of her daily routine. I did find out that she isn't seeing the care pages messages that people are posting, so if anyone would like to convey well wishes the best way to do that is the e-cards through the hospital. You can send her an e-card at Remember to use her real name, Youn Soo Kim. We are planning on going to see her next Sunday, so if anyone has something they would like to get to her I'd be happy to transport it. You can reach me at my email address which is [email protected]