Swim Team Registration Opens Today!



Returning Swimmers

Are your kids returning to swim team this year? We sure hope so!  IF, and ONLY IF, your membership dues are up to date AND you have no new swimmers joining the big team, you may sign your swimmers up here now. Read the introduction, then scroll to the bottom, click “REGISTER NOW” and fill in the required information.  You can find more specific registration instructions here. Use your existing account to log in.  If your email address has changed since last summer, please email Lisa Gray at [email protected] and she will update it for you. Please do not create a new account - all of your swimmer's information is tied to your existing account. 

This phase of online registration is for returning swimmers only and payment is by credit card only.  Please  contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  

First Time Swimmers -- both Pre-team and Big Team

All first-time big team and pre-team swimmers MUST be screened by a coach prior to registering.  Screening is being held on Tuesday, May 26th from 5 pm to 7 pm.  If a coach determines that your swimmer is eligible for the big team, you can then register him or her online in the comfort of your own home using the link above. 

If your swimmer is eligible for the pre-team, you will register him or her right after the screening the old fashion way: using a pen and a form that we will give you.  If you think your child will be a pre-team member this year, please BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK to the screening as that is the only method of payment that is acceptable for pre-team registration.

If you absolutely cannot make the screening on May 26th, you can arrange screening with the coaches for a few days after the 26th, but please try to do it the first day if at all possible. Then you can register for the summer – until June 4. No exceptions after the registration deadline. 

Registration will close by 5 pm on Thursday June 4.

See you soon poolside -- we're excited for another great summer!