DCST Swims past Piranhas and Stingrays

DCST Swims past Piranhas and Stingrays

            DCST moved to 3 – 0 on its dual meet schedule with lopsided victories over McHenry County and Streator. DCST’s 767 points placed them well ahead of McHenry’s 286 points and Streator’s 160 points.
After each meet, the coaching staff picks two swimmers, one girl and one boy, as the “Big Dogs" of the meet. Big Dogs are not only selected on their performance in the meet, but the coaches also take into consideration the swimmer’s practice attendance, work ethic, team spirit and sportsmanship. For this meet, Elizabeth White, age 7, and Justin Buck, age 10, were selected as Big Dogs of the meet.
            DCST had a very impressive 59 swimmers who had at least two personal best times in the meet. These swimmers were: Dillon Anderson, Austin Bockman, Jeanette Brann, Justin Buck, Maxwell Buck, Kelsey Campbell, Melissa Cherry, Elizabeth Cleveland, Emily Cook, Haley Copen, Tyler Crown, Brett DeConinck, Bianca Fant, Alyssa Ferrigan, Erin Fidler, Madisyn Grever, Sarah Hein, Madeline Hockey, Carter Howell, Daphne Howell, Tyler Hull, Sharron Isola, Jasmine Jewison, Jensen Keck, Michael Kessler, Carson Klein, Grace Kozlowski, Alison Kramer, Brianna Kramer, Amanda Lewis, Ryan Lindsey, Jonathan Liu, Caroline Mackey, Spencer Mackey, Matthew Marchewka, Abby Pardridge, Lucy Prais-Lewis, Emily Raetzke, Riley Regan, David Ruetten, Paul Ruetten, Riley Shortridge, Erin Simmons, Julia Simmons, Garret Sims, Celena Slowick, Lauryn Stoffregen, Sydni Stoffregen, Libby Swedberg, Nyomi Tams, Amal Tatum, Andrew Tatum, Amanda Underwood, Chloe Wester, Kayla Wester, Catherine White, Elizabeth White, Danielle Zographos, and Zachary Zographos.
            DCST’s next meet is Saturday, November 14 at home against Rockford, Freeport and Dixon.